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Another Outlander-less week down, 22 to go.  How are you all surviving?  I haven’t quite devolved into eating my hair and rocking back and forth in the corner saying “James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser” over and over again, but I’m not ruling it out.

Well, it’s Sunday, so that means Question of the Week, and here it is:

Do you believe in soul mates and have you met any of yours?

We know that Claire isn’t the first woman Jamie was attracted to (he said virgin, not monk) and Jamie certainly wasn’t Claire’s first, but they understand almost right away there is something between them, (we’re glad of that, because otherwise it would have been a verra short story) something strong, bendable but not breakable, and perhaps un-explainable.

Now, I asked the question the way I did, because, I DO believe in soul mates, but I don’t believe they are all romantic. You can have more than one soul mate in your life.  I have not yet met my romantic soul mate, but I’m still drawing breath, so there is still hope.  But I have met a sister (we have different parents, but we’re sisters) soul mate.  Her name is Nicole and I answered an ad in the newspaper for a roommate 13 years ago, and from the moment we met, we knew we were meant to be in each other’s lives.  What is between us is strong, bendable, but not breakable, and perhaps un-explainable.  I love her like family, more than some blood relatives and I can’t imagine my life without her in it.

I’m holding out for my Jamie. I know he’s out there somewhere and I’m certain I’ll know him when I meet him. And I’ll not settle for less.

So, your turn…tell us about YOUR soul mates.


About Dede Taylor

I'm a reader of books, writer of tales, dabbler of .. things. I'm also an avid TV watcher, have been since M.A.S.H. first aired ...(that was a long time ago). I've been to the Berlin Wall (when it still was a wall), shaken hands with Ronald Reagan, and lived in Puerto Rico...among other fascinating things, and I ain't done yet.
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9 Responses to Outlander: Question of the Week

  1. Pamela says:

    I’m not certain that I believe in “soul mates” romantic or otherwise but I do believe in “kindred spirits”…Two people (or more) who have very different even exclusive lives but who share similar feelings about an experience that bonds them emotionally. A mere acquaintance can blossom into friendship and affection almost immediately when they discover one another. Kindred spirits are open to being loved and to loving and caring about others…They have generous hearts!


  2. Beth Miller says:

    I was married for awhile and when first married, I think we were soul mates. We just weren’t when he died. I feel like a soulmate to many Outlander fans I meet on twitter. It’s kind of amazing how many of us see the world in a similiar way and care about similsr things. And not a dumb person in the bunch whom I’ve met. How do the rest of you feel about the Outlander fandom?


    • Dede Taylor says:

      I’m a big fan of the fandom .. most people are very welcoming and are particularly welcoming to the newbies who haven’t read the books yet. I’ve been a fan of Outlander for more years than I care to admit .. so this is really a lot of fun for me.


    • Nymerias says:

      I love the Outlander fandom because we are kind, loving, passionate people who just want to.share the joy of this series,in both mediums!

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  3. Su says:

    That familiar attraction that you feel when you meet someone for the first time and just know you’ve known them before… that is a soulmate. A soulmate is some who creates a positive influence in your life and you in theirs. Soulmates perk up each other’s spirit and provides comfort….. We have many in life and in many different types of relationships. Although when you find the ONE that makes you feel sexy, alive, passionate, positive, safe and comforted…. comforting…. loved and wanting to give love that is a Romantic soulmate or a LOVER. Jamie and Claire are indeed Romantic soulmates/ Lovers. I love the prose on Lovers by Barbara De Angelis Ph.D.

    What does it mean to be a lover?

    What does it mean to be a lover? It is more than just being married to or making love to someone. Millions of people are married, millions of people have sex — but few are real lovers. To be a real lover, you must commit to and participate in a perpetual dance of intimacy with your partner.
    You are a lover when you appreciate the gift that your partner is, and celebrate that gift every day.
    You are a lover when you remember that your partner does not belong to you — he or she is on loan from the universe.
    You are a lover when you realize that nothing that happens between you will be insignificant, that everything you say in the relationship has the potential to cause your beloved joy or sorrow, and everything you do will either strengthen your connection or weaken it.
    You are a lover when you understand all this, and thus wake up each morning filled with gratitude that you have another day in which to love and enjoy your partner.
    When you have a lover in your life, you are richly blessed. You have been given the gift of another person who has chosen to walk beside you. He or she will share your days and your nights, your bed and your burdens. Your lover will see secret parts of you that no one ever sees. He or she will touch places on your body that no one else touches. Your lover will seek you out where you have been hiding, and create a haven for you within safe, loving arms.
    Your lover offers you an abundance of miracles everyday. He has the power to delight you with his smile, his voice, the scent of his neck, the way he moves. She has the power to banish your loneliness. She has the power to turn the ordinary into the sublime. She is your doorway to heaven here on earth.


  4. How I’ve always seen it is this:
    There are soulmates, but because I don’t believe they have to be romantic… (the movies have certainly coined the term as being synonymous with romance)… I like to call them “Kindred Spirits.” Our soulmates/kindred spirits can be anyone, whether blood related or not.

    I also think – although I am skeptical – that we just might have “twin flames.” Now, personally I loathe that term because it sounds so hokey and Zen-ish. I also dislike that IF there are such a thing as twin flames, a lot of the people that do believe in them simply WISH that they already have this other person in their life. It’s just wishful thinking.

    It would take forever for me to explain what twin flames might be, so maybe I’ll type that up later. (I can hardly think straight because one of my dogs is being a bad, noisy little girl right now. Lol! Also, people keep coming into the room as I’m typing).


  5. Sonia says:

    Well i believe in both., ive had soulmates but most of all i met twinsoul.. its an experience like no other and when seperated leaves a total pain not of the mind but of the heart chakra.. watching Outlander has brought this pain out all over again.,especially when you meet your twin and you see whom the were before in another life.. anyway thats life…


  6. TL says:

    Soulmates are one thing…so many people I’ve met on my path have been that, but soulmates don’t have to be romantic, they can be family members or friends or even a stranger who helps you at a pivotal moment. But everything that Jamie and Claire represent (in my opinion) fall under the definition of Twin Souls…their complete and utter devotion to one another, the fire, the passion….the way no one else can ever come close to their connection…it is unlike anything you would ever experience with a soulmate. Soulmate romantic connections, the good ones, tend to be a little easier and can be longer lasting and more likely you’ll stay together during the rough times. Your Twin Flame will challenge you like you’ve never been challenged. And not in a toxic way, in a way that makes you grow and become a better person. But when you lose them, it can be devastating. It’s like finding the other half of your soul and finally getting to experience a taste of heaven on earth…and if you lose them (which can often happen because the intensity of the union is too hard for one or both to handle), it feels like you’ve been dropped to the ground in one deafening thud and the grief is unimaginable. Sometimes you need to be apart and evolve on your own before you can be together again. But you don’t get “over” this person or move on. It’s like they live inside you because they’ve always been a part of you. I personally have no idea how one is supposed to “settle” for even a wonderful soulmate once you’ve experienced this. In a strange way, a person is almost lucky if they don’t run into theirs…as incredible as it is, it’s not an easy path and there can be a lot of pain mixed in with those elusive moments of pleasure. And I think Claire and Jamie can attest to that! 😉


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