A Newbie Braving Wizard World Chicago

Hello, my fellow Outlander fans! It has been a very long time since I have posted here at this site. It’s not that I am no longer interested in the show, I’ve just been going through a lot of personal changes in my private life. It’s been a rough road, but I’m just taking it one day at a time.

I am sure that all you lovely Outlander fans know by now that Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe are heading to Wizard World Chicago in August of this year. If not, I want to know if you have been hiding in a cave like Jamie Fraser!!

Wizard World is also coming to my hometown of Peoria Illinois, but seeing as how I have lived in this state my whole life, and never been to Chicago (GASP I KNOW!!), I decided to make this trip instead. I doubt that Sam and Cait would attend two WW events a little over a month apart in the same state anyhow.

My brother bought me the Sam Heughan VIP ticket so that I would not miss out on getting one! I believe that all of us fans are afraid that they would sell out, which is a very legitimate fear! I know that was my reason for having my brother purchase the ticket for me.

I am completely stepping out of my comfort zone with this little trip of mine, because big crowds are really not my thing. I am not a very patient person, and I don’t like to feel rushed through anything that I am doing. I like to be able to savor every moment, and enjoy my surroundings. In short, I am not into chaos at all! I already know that Wizard World is a huge convention, though not as huge as SDCC, so I’m starting out small in comparison!

Needless to say, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed, and the event is months away.  The good thing is that I am not alone in the whole “This is my first convention” for I seem to be one of the many. I have a few friends that are con “pros”, so this  “virgin” has received lots of advice.

I think I’m set (almost) on the actual convention itself, because we still have months before the event occurs. We won’t know any schedules until the month of the convention, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t start laying out the ground work for this type of event.


If you are anything like me, where money doesn’t grow on trees, a major decision had/has to be made right off the bat!

1. Do you purchase the dual VIP package featuring both Sam and Cait?

2. Which one do you pick? (OMG! You love them both, so you can’t decide, because you can only afford one! You better draw straws!)

3. Do you purchase general admission tickets to all four days or only on the days that Sam and Cait are there, and then purchase photo ops and autos for both?! HELP, OH WISE COMIC CON WISEMEN…or WOMEN (as the case may be)

4. HOLY SHIT Ian Somerhalder, and Michael Rosenbaum are attending as well, now you have more to think about!  Then, you eventually say screw it, and do whatever makes you happy, regardless the cost. Regardless of the fact that you now owe your brother more money that you can possibly fathom!

Okay, that wasn’t my whole thought process, but it could have went a little something like that, at least where the VIP packages are concerned. I went with the Sam package(as mentioned above), because I just had to do what made me happy. Now, I just have to see if I can swing a photo-op with Michael Rosenbaum!


You would think the acquisition of finding the right hotel for you would be the easiest thing to do on your list! Well, it is, as far as booking it, but you really need to do your research, when it comes to certain things. I will get back to that in a minute. I am not what you would call a pro at traveling, but even I know that for an event such as this, you better pick your hotel ASAP!

I have lived in Illinois my whole life, and August is the hottest month of the year, so I was not about to book a hotel that was too far away from the Convention Center. I picked the Embassy Suites, because it is located directly across the street. and I won’t look like a hot, sweaty mess! I also picked that particular hotel for, WAIT FOR IT….HAPPY HOUR! Every night from 5-7 pm….I’m super down for free drinks, sign me up! I’m no lush, by any means, but it will be a nice way to settle down after a day of Wizard World fun, and I suspect, chaos!

I found out some very interesting things AFTER I booked the hotel with my DEBIT CARD! I always use my card, because I don’t like to carry cash. I use to be a paralegal, so I always read the “fine” print on any document or email. After I received my reservation confirmation, I did just that! What I read, caused me to conduct some much-needed research.

Basically, the fine print read that if paying with a debit card, that card will be charged the amount of your stay plus taxes, plus a charge for incidentals! UPON CHECK-IN! My first thought was ‘but I’m not supposed to be charged until I checkout and incidentals what?!’.

After researching, I completely understood the incidental charges, but to apply those charges as well as the cost of the room all at once was a surprise to me. Since I would be using my debit card, these charges would essentially freeze my card. It’s a good thing that the hotel will take a credit card for the incidentals upon check-in, and we can pay cash up checkout! Now that I have that part of my trip settled, I can go back to enjoying the fact that I will actually be doing something fun on my vacation. Speaking of….


Now, all I needed to do was put in my vacation days at work, and I was all set! The only thing that could have ruined my plans was a little thing called seniority. I could get my week as long as someone didn’t pick the same week as me! Yikes! I had, via my brother, already purchased my ticket to Wizard World! My vacation week was approved by management, so I am all good to go! Now, it is just a matter of saving up enough money for the trip.


There is one more cool thing that will add more value to this trip of mine, meeting fellow fans that I have been conversing with for what seems like forever! I have made many online friends via a TV show, and not just Outlander. I will finally be meeting up with a friend or two from my True Blood days!  That is just more icing on a very lovely cake for me!


I’m only using the term “be brave” because I just watched a few episodes of Jane the Virgin, and heard Raphael say it to Jane several times! I, as well as other newbies to the Con World, have received great advice from pros of that world, and it is much appreciated. The one that always stuck with me the most came from my friend Barbara, who said, “Make sure you carry extra deodorant, and body spray with you”. August in Illinois, you bet I’m carrying extra! I have a few questions to leave with you!

Are you bringing a gift for either Sam or Cait or both?

What do you plan on having them autograph?

Are you planning on any other photo-op/autographs?

Feel free to sound off below for answers to the question or comment whatever else you like, from more advice or just general excitement for the upcoming event! I’m super down for any and all comments!






About Nymerias

I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these2 two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Game of Thrones, Supernatural,Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander, Once Upon A Time, The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.
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2 Responses to A Newbie Braving Wizard World Chicago

  1. luvvamps says:

    So glad to see you on here! I’m possitive you will have a wonderful time. Please enjoy your vacation and don’t forget to tell us all about it when you get back


    • Nymerias says:

      Thanks Cheryl! I am very much looking forward to my vacation, I am counting the days! Seven whole days I don’t have to work and I get paid for it! I will definitely be writing a post when I get back! I will most likely tweet some pictures throughout the trip, unless I get to into the Con!

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