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I try to stay very busy: knitting, crocheting, reading, writing. I love British TV, movies; mysteries and true crime/historical.

Getting Through Droughtlander…

  …as an Outlander Virgin… Ok, we’re less than 3 months away from the second half of series 1…**ahem, ahem** 75 days but, then, who’s counting??  I’m certainly not…  Gifts have been wrapped and unwrapped; festive foods have been prepared … Continue reading

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Ah, Love…

Sorry for the long, long duration between my posts; this Droughtlander has made a mincemeat pie of my Outlander blog posting inspiration. But this blog posting is titled ‘Ah, Love…’. I know, I know. Christmas certainly isn’t the ‘official’ season … Continue reading

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What’s Your Munro?

  (Not from Sam; my own mountain photos because I don’t have his permission to post his pics on this blog…but I hope you like these!  They’re from Colorado on my trip last May…) Good evening Outlanders. We’ve now started … Continue reading

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Episode 5: Rent (or… An Education of a Feisty Sassenach

Episode 5: Rent (…or The Education of a Feisty Sassenach) Greetings Outlanders! Whew. What an episode. Each one just keeps getting better and better, and this week’s main character, Scotland herself, deserved top billing. Episode 5, ‘Rent’, is such a … Continue reading

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Clip from Episode 5: Rent

We’ve got a new clip from Epi 5, titled ‘Rent’.  I must say: our Sassenach’s got MOXY.  I love it!   I would do what she did if I wasn’t afraid of what those big burly Scotsmen would do to … Continue reading

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Episode 4: The Gathering

Episode 4: The Gathering or…   What This Party Really Needs Are Clan MacKenzie Reunion T-Shirts (Just a reminder that my point of view for my recaps will be one of a newbie.) Greetings Outlanders. We’ve just seen episode 4, … Continue reading

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Outlander: The Way Out (Just use magic)

Before I begin I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Snarkland (but you can call me Snark). For those of you familiar with ESL (Eric and Sookie Lovers) I am the Snarkland from over there. I didn’t write blogs … Continue reading

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