Outlander Comic Con Panel


Outlander invaded San Diego Comic Con in a big way again for this year’s convention. As per usual with the Con, I lived vicariously through my friends and other blogger’s, along with millions of other fans who could not attend. I don’t know about anyone else but by the end of last night, I was exhausted and I was not even there.

I had a blast trying to keep up with all the pictures coming in. I posted them all on our Facebook page! I try to give credit where it’s due but if there is no watermark and I don’t know where the picture originated, I can hardly do so.

Pictures get retweeted so much, it’s hard for a blogger like me to know the original source. Point, if any picture is yours and credit needs to be given, please feel free to email us with the picture and we will credit you. With that being said, on with the post!

I knew right away the panel was going to be a blast due to the moderator,Kristin Dos Santos from E News! She loves Outlander and knows the material well!

She had asked fans to email her a word or sentence the Outlander panelist’s would feel uncomfortable saying. We knew we were in for something good then and it would probably involve whiskey!

What also happened was a little tweet she sent to Sam that included a video from Colin (AKA Hook from ONCE) about Sam dressing up as him as per their bet! Outlanders and Hookers (Hook Fans call themselves that so dont shoot this blogger😝) know the 411 here! So besides thinking (and hoping) for some casting news we fans also hoped to see #PirateSam because well the idea kind of got stuck in our head!

Sam quieted that hope down when a video was posted on Outlander_Starz Instagram by the lovely Cait of Sam saying that he would grab the eyeliner once Colin put a skirt on (per Colin’s words). I still secretly hoped for it because now the idea had been implanted and there was no dislodging it. I just kept it on the downlow.

I haven’t watched the full panel yet but I know as per tweets that a drinking game was indeed played with words or sentences provided via email.Diana will write a script for season two. Cait likes working with the new male actors, and that she and Maril wore baby bumps while out shopping.

There may not have been any casting news as we hoped but lucky folks were able to see some season two footage and we all were able to see a season 1 gag reel. Then we all got this:



Thanks to That’s Normal, here is the Outlander Comic Con Panel in two parts for your viewing pleasure.

Remember we have tons of pictures from Comic Con on our Facebook page so remember to like us there as well! Link is on our main page! 😀💜

Picture Source:Kristin Dos Santos Twitter


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