FYC: Graham McTavish For Outstanding Supporting Actor


We are into day seven of our #EmmysForOutlander Campaign and we have not slowed down yet. There is an awful lot of activity going on regarding the campaign, especially on Twitter. Today’s Emmy post is all about Graham McTavish who plays War Chieftan Dougal MacKenzie.



Graham McTavish is utterly powerful and menancing in his role as Dougal MacKenzie. I truly don’t know whether to love or hate his character and that is a major selling point of a truly brilliant actor. The ability to make a fan absolutely loathe your character one minute and feel so many other emotions the next is amazing. I have felt respect, pity, love, passion, and pain for his character. An actor who can make me feel all that is a winner in my book.

I was searching all over the internet for two of my favorite Dougal scenes, and only one is touched upon in the tribute video found at the bottom of this post. It is during the boar hunt when his fellow clansman is fatally injured by the boar that you see the depth of Graham’s acting chops. The emotion is written all over his face as he attempts to hold it together in order to give his friend a proper send off.



The other scene is when Dougal found out his wife had died suddenly and went into a drunken rage, destroying nearly everything in the great hall. The difference between how both deaths were handled by Dougal was very telling. One was a feeling of remorse, and sadness that he couldn’t prevent the death, and the other was out of guilt that he was not there (not to mention cheating). Both scenes were powerfully done and it shows the level of committment Graham McTavish puts into the character he is playing.




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2 Responses to FYC: Graham McTavish For Outstanding Supporting Actor

  1. Graham McTavish is the quintessential 18th century Scot!
    From the moment he appears on screen you are transported back in time. Whether you love or hate the character, his powerful personality refuses to let you feel indifferent.


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