The One Where They Won An Emmy

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It is now Saturday and it has been a week since the season one finale of Outlander aired. I watched the episode after midnight on Friday/early Saturday morning and I loved roughly 95% of it. I usually have my review up not long after it airs but I decided to let the dust settle a bit. At this point, I don’t think I can call it a review, but more like a discussion. It might be one of my boring posts so proceed with that thought in your head.

The reason(s) for waiting to write about the season finale are many but I will only list the major ones.

1. My laptop is sick (I’m taking really ill) and it needs a doctor as soon as I can manage it financially. It literally went haywire on me and writing long blog posts from my Kindle, armed with a stylus, takes some major time. My hand needs a break as it becomes uncomfortable and can be quite painful.

2. There was a lot of mixed emotions after the episode aired. I, myself was feeling numb.It was a very heavy episode, filled with a very brutal rape scene and the emotions were high. It was an emotionally charged episode that some could not handle.

There were those that lashed out because they thought the rape scene was too graphic and could have been toned down. There were those that were disappointed because they felt more time could have given to show Jamie’s healing and recovery.

So I decided to let people calm down, and take some very deep breaths. I am writing this off the cuff because mainly that’s my style and it hasn’t let me down yet.

I was numb after viewing it twice but I loved the whole episode. I can’t fault the majority of it. I got some major feels. This was hands down Sam’s episode, he completely shined, if not outshined everyone else. It was because of him that I could momentarily forget that the healing aspect was lacking a bit for me.

It was because Sam was so bloody good that I wanted more of his healing time. I found myself wishing I could learn Gaelic real fast so that I would have known what Jamie and Murtagh were saying to each other or that they would have spoken English.

I have since learned what that bit of Gaelic was and I wish I didnt have to wait to learn what that particular dialogue was. It worked for the suspense and Sam’s facial expressions tells a story in and of itself so it worked out. I just wanted to be let in on that bit of conversation.

The line I missed the most was when Jamie says that he’s built a little roof over the part within himself that was broken. Maybe we will get that line in an episode of season 2. After all, Jamie’s healing is not over yet, if effects him for quite some time.

This episode was brutal to watch as we knew it would be. The opening scene with BJR and Jamie lying naked beside each other,and seeing the vacant look on Jamie’s face, that did me in. It was heartbreaking and mesmerizing at the same time. This was no romantic tryst between two lovers on holiday but I could not look away. The creepy way Tobias as BJR moved around the dungeon, stretching and putting on his clothes literally terrified me. That was just the beginning of the horror to come.

When you first hear Jamie speak, you can tell that the man we have known is gone with a single sentence, ‘You owe me a debt’. I have no doubt in my mind that the debt he wanted paid was to be killed right then and there, and to suffer no more humiliation at the end of a hangman’s noose.

I applaud all involved in the making of this episode because despite the subject matter being rough, they did not shy away from it. From the beginning to the end, everyone involved gave 110% and my hat is off to all of them.

I can’t really speak on the rape scene itself because it was hard to watch but it was beautifully acted and shot. All the raw emotions that played out on screen by the actors was brilliant and I felt their pain and their brutality.

I loved the episode, I just wanted more of the healing and redemption to be shown.

I think most of the fans know that I am steadfast in my conviction that Outlander should receive Emmy nods and wins. I don’t care if Outlander is a ‘Freshman’ show and has to go through another season to ‘earn it’. Outlander proved that before the final two episodes aired because it was already breaking the boundaries and ‘Wentworth Prison’ and ‘To Ransom a Man’s Soul’ solidified that.

If I were to break down each of the main characters performance, it would go as follows:

Tobias as BJR:”Utterly terrifying and creepy in his movements,actions and words”

Caitriona as Claire: “Absolutely heartbreakingly brilliant in her courage and conviction”

Sam as Jamie: “Gut-wrenching, stunning,heartbreaking performance, worthy of the ‘ugly cry’ all without speaking a word, and when he did speak it was with magnificent valor.



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6 Responses to The One Where They Won An Emmy

  1. Eileen A Hood says:

    SH can act with only using his eyes and expressions. It’s amazing how an actor can show such a haunted look with only his eyes. Also his voice seemed and octave lower in the last two episodes only to raise back up again when on ship. Amazing.


  2. sassypants25 says:

    Reblogged this on sassypants25 and commented:
    I too have had 7 days to process and just re watched again today. I’m still moved to my core by this episode.


  3. nanci712 says:

    I totally concur with you about this episode.


  4. Jacquelyn says:

    I absolutely agree! The actors and the show deserve Emmy hands down!


  5. Cheryl says:

    I agree with all you said. I still haven’t been able to watch the episode for the second time yet. I’ll get there though.


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