Outlandish Randomness: Week 6

outlandish randomness wk 6

I know I usually have my Outlandish Randomness up on the morning before the new episode, but I watched 1×15 at midnight (and 1am and 2am) on Saturday morning and i just didn’t feel like doing anything fun or being funny yesterday … so, today you get my musings on 1×14 and stuff from the media from last week.

So here we go, my 1×14 The Search, musings:


How many times is jenny gonna walk that circuitous route? (i love that word, couldn’t help but use it)

“in the clutches of the english” indeed. clutches is a good word considering what’s coming up

really, who gets in the way of these women?

divine intervention indeed..

is she waiting for the print to speak?

i hate birds they are nasty creatures

hopefully because there’s a rather large red-headed scot weighing it down… one can hope

so, claire just….doesn’t pee?

just hangin’ out on the road, discussing rescuing jamie from the redcoats, expressing breast milk… LIKE A BOSS

i would choose not to have them

bargaining with lord thomas .. wrap him in latex and take away his safe word

sure just stick your hands in warm horse poop … i’m not sure even i love jamie that much

oh please have you MET jamie, he’s exactly daft enough

seriously? you’re tied up over a log and you’re going to call the chicks with guns names? not smart laddie

i still would have burned his bollocks just because

if you break that seal … yeah, you were saying?

cait is very tall

sister in law or not, if she grabbed my arm like that one more time….

and then god…showed up  (+10 if ye get that reference)

laura is tiny

love forces a person to choose … yeah, claire is gonna learn that lesson the very hard way

wee beasties? is THAT what angus was shaggin’?

natural outlaws .. well that’s one way to put it

ha! guess your cleaning your own supper there sparky

yes, she kens how to use a knife…learned pretty quick acutally

hunted throughout the highlands… understate much

and that ends thelma and louise, up next on the road with claire and murtagh

i love when murtah smiles, his eyebrows dance

so i’m guessing murtagh will no be auditioning for so you think you can dance

but your husband doesn’t, gigglesnort

poor murtagh, the man really has no rhythm

words canna travel by air ….well, about that

oh that look on murtagh’s face can’t mean anything good …for claire

i love that coat want it

the bible doesn’t suit murtagh … lol

oh fuck.. that is MY girl right there y’all

boogie woogie .. in the 18th century … oh i’m with captain janeway, time paradoxes give me a headache

cait has a nice singing voice

i bet she was glad to get out of those corsets

oh and a little tri cornered hat, she looks adorable

til we get to the horses .. well, HE’S met claire lol

scotland is so pretty

let’s all move to scotland

gypsies, tramps and thieves

clodhopper.. is that something they said in the 18th century

my name is inigo montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die … oh wait

i like our sassenach’s outfit better than hers

cait has pretty eyes

no one can claim the words … never heard of a copyright .. oh, probably not

a proper dancer .. be careful there lugnut, murtagh will rip your head off

love is way more fun than politics

i like ward’s leather vest, want it .. to wear under claire’s coat

i get why she paid him, but why give him the WHOLE bag of money ..

i love murtagh’s face

scotland is so pretty

let’s all move to scotland

the americas… foreshadowing alert!

i love how claire assumes she’s the only person in the world who’s ever lost anything or anyone important

stubborn, you never listen to anyone but your own self.. yep, HE’S met claire

i love this story and i love claire but she really can be a self absorbed you know what sometimes

we love the weather on your face murtagh

d’awww looks like the start of a beautiful friendship

cait really is just beautiful

so let’s see, you didn’t do what she paid you for, but you want payment for the message? yeah, that’s not happening and she’s likely to pull your tongue out.  She hasn’t been laid in a week, that makes her dangerous.

i dislike dougal in a massively major way

careful where you put your hands dougal, murtagh might just cut them off

yeah, about that whole burned at the stake thing…

i understand that you’re grieving lass, but i want to grind your corn and steal your land

he’s not, he will never be the man jamie is

don’t look so happy dougal, she’s read the book..

well you go young willie, you go

freakin’ angus and rupert ..

i love grant o’rourke’s face omg…

look out wentworth, here comes claire….and the cows


and from the media last week:


this week’s edition of … you don’t WANT to look 

the sassenach sensation

it’s no’ natural for a man to wear trousers 

expressed?  really? lol 

download Ron’s podcast here


and that’s that for 1×14 .. I will have a Randomness for 1×15.. but I’m not sure you should expect me to bring the funny this time…or next.

See ya next week.



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I'm a reader of books, writer of tales, dabbler of .. things. I'm also an avid TV watcher, have been since M.A.S.H. first aired ...(that was a long time ago). I've been to the Berlin Wall (when it still was a wall), shaken hands with Ronald Reagan, and lived in Puerto Rico...among other fascinating things, and I ain't done yet.
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