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This will be another one of my ‘off the cuff’ kind of posts as most of mine are. This particular post has no preconceived ideas or thoughts at all! I usually let the episode sink in and then write a somewhat planned review from all the jumbled notes in my head. I should probably use paper in which to jot them down but this always works best for me.

After the first half of this inaugural season,the episodes became more intense and left me speechless or wordless, as the case may be. When the first 8 episodes aired, I could just type and type and it all came easily. This second half of the season has left me in a bit of a tight spot as I knew how I felt and what I wanted to say, I just simply could not put it into the correct words. I had a severe case of writer’s block so I just did other things to see if it would come back to me. I did have a lot going on, I might have added too much to my plate but I have since worked that out with organization. Still, no words were coming back to me, at all!

I finally figured out what the problem was and it was all me. It was writer’s block at it’s finest but only because I was trying to be TOO perfect in finding the right words to describe the last few episodes of Outlander. The problem is that there are NO RIGHT WORDS….it is what it is and so I just decided to carry on in my normal way and that is just write and write. There are no special words needed when it comes to my Outlandish thoughts anyway, so away we go.


Have you ever met two more bad ass woman ever in your life? Hell, they put Thelma and Louise to shame. Jenny and Claire walk around like the bosses they are and take charge. I watched the episode on Friday night as has been the case since the second half started, I mean, why wait? Jenny, fresh from having given birth, takes off with Claire to find our precious Jamie, with a loaded gun attached to her back! Jenny from the Broch don’t play!! She knows Claire will never find any trace of Jamie because she doesn’t know what she is looking for as far as tracking.

Good thing Jenny made Ian and Jamie teach her or she would be adding a little something extra to their meals and you can bet they would not like her ‘addition’ one bit! Since I had seen the episode I thought I will continue to try this live tweeting thing that fans do. I still find it hard because I am still so into the story being told. I recall one tweet was “Jenny’s got a gun’ (Aerosmith anyone?) and one that went something like she picked up that piece of dung while it was still warm…LIKE A BOSS!

It wasn’t long before our two brave lasses stumbled upon the redcoats and Jamie was nowhere in sight! A lone redcoat strays away on an apparent mission and our gal pals spring into action. Jenny feints a fainting and Claire pulls a gun on the man, Rambo style!! Jenny is all about the business of finding out where her brother is by any means necessary. She is just going to charbroil the information out of his bare feet, no problem! Claire won’t be able to stop her. They soon find out he is just a messenger and they break the seal, despite the fact that they could be hanged for it! Ummmm….and what would kidnapping a redcoat and torturing get them? I would wager that it might be a flogging and a life sentence!

It turns out Jamie escaped not long after being captured and the messenger was delivering a note that stated the crew at Fort William would be sent out after the Highlander!

Oh Claire went from bad ass to a caring combat nurse faster that you can say “gesundheit”! I think deep down, she knows she is going to have to kill him but she really did not want to! Claire, your lives and the people of Lallybroch are at stake here! Jenny from the Broch won’t be judged! They don’t have to debate it long as we soon hear a death rattle starting and see the twitching of feet. It’s Murtagh to the killing rescue!

Now, before I get to Murtagh and his very own brand of awesome, I need to finish with the ladies!

Jenny and Claire have become very close and are now like sisters. I loved how this storyline played out. We fans owe the writers of this series so much because there is so much they get right. Everything is always so real and intense. I give major props for their decision to show Jenny expressing some milk as she is breastfeeding. She was about to burst after all and it is a very natural thing for a woman to do. KUDOS!!


I still have that tune in my head and it just won’t quit! We sang that song in choir and it just stays with you. I never forgot the words and found myself singing along with Claire. Then I had to get used to this Scottish song performed to the tune of Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy!

Here’s to all you lads and lasses
That go out this way Be sure to tip your coggie
When you take her out to play Lads and lasses toy a kiss
The lads never think what they do is amiss
Because there’s Kent and keen and there’s Aberdeen
And there’s none as muckle
As the strath of bogie wogie ♪

I have to say that Murtagh and Claire made quite the song and dance team. Murtagh would warm the crowd up (or tried to bless his heart) with a sword dance and then Claire would do her routine!


Of course you can’t trust a gypsy not to steal the routine that will guide Jamie to them. He said he would not use it again but Murtagh told Claire not to trust him! Since the gypsy stole the show, there really was no point in performing it anymore so they stuck to their original plan of Claire reading people’s palms and healing folks. All the while I am thinking damn what is happening to Jamie, where is he…and I read the book!!


I love Murtagh, he is one of my favorite characters on the show. Claire and Murtagh have a bit of a row and this whole scene from start to finish was nothing short of magical. I was getting the feels ye ken? Murtagh has feelings too Claire and he has loved deeply. Remember those bracelets? He gave them to Ellen and Jamie is like his own son and he misses him too! They have a really great moment in which they both break down and reveal their mutual fears for the man they both love deeply! Oh the feels!!


It was nice to see Dougal again despite that he was being a major arse!! The gypsy told Claire that someone came looking for them during the singing of the song and they are to meet him in a special place, one Jamie knows well! They rush there and they only find Dougal! Where’s Jamie? Panic is setting in now and I already know the answer because I read the damn book, ye ken? Still, really Dougal?!!

Poor Jamie was caught while trying to get to Murtagh and Claire because he did hear of the healer and the song and dance show! He stood trial and was sentenced to hang! He is in Wentworth Prison waiting to be executed. It turns out that Dougal only wants a chance to marry Claire and get in her knickers! Jamie is not even dead yet and you are already making a play for his wife.

Dougal did make some great points, Jamie would not have Claire at Randall’s mercy so he would have wanted her to marry Dougal. I wish Dougal would have shown a little more grief for what was about to happen to his nephew and that was my only gripe. It was not much of a gripe either as it did make the scene more dramatic for me. I always try to think of myself as a fan who has NOT read the book!

Claire says she will marry him if she cannot save Jamie or if he is already dead, she just needs a few good men! Dougal, ye jackass offer up yourself to join in setting Jamie free, even if you don’t follow through. Claire manages to recruit Willie, Rupert and Angus to join her in Operation #SaveJamieFraser.

The episode ends with Claire and her band of Merry Men looking across the land at Wentworth Prison and CUT!!

Day 132

That’s a wrap folks and now we have to wait 2 more days!! I know this next episode is going to be a rough one but we can do this. I need to watch this story play out as it is a major part of what makes it great and what make Jamie and Claire great. It is one of those necessary evils, and BJR is that necessary evil. I did not shy away from it in the book so I cannot do so for the series either.

The whole cast and crew worked really hard to bring this powerful scene to us. I want to see the excellent acting chops of Sam Heughan and Tobias Menzies shine in this episode because I know that while the scene proved really challenging, I want to witness it all. I may not want to feel all the emotions that this scene will bring out in me but I owe it to them (all involved) and to myself.

I may be a HOT MESS afterward but I have more than a week to recover for the season finale!

See you after Wentworth!!


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