Outlandish Randomness: Week 5

outlandish randomness wk 5

Welcome to another week of my random Outlander thoughts. We are closing in on the end of s1 and gearing up for Droughtlander and s2 production. Once s1 is over, Randomness will continue … you never know what I’ll think.  🙂  So here we go with my Outlandish Randomness for 1×13 The Watch.

you take that gun out of MY Jamie’s face right now

no, not down your gullet, up your arse

*snort* cousin Jamie

well, i don’t know if that doesn’t make him a scoundrel

my god sam is beautiful

a sassenach? for a bride? well there’s someone for everyone

i wonder if we could get jenny and ian their own show

nobody touches their pregnant belly that much

run claire, hurry or a fraser may explode

keep your wits about you.. that’s jenny for keep your mouth shut

heads like rocks the pair of them

if not for ian and claire… well i dinna want to think about that

jamie, asking the obvious with great aplomb

a brothel? didya have yer sausage with ye?

never be taken alive .. oh I don’t want to think about that

it is so weird to see jenny swiggin’ back the whisky

oh get yer feet off the table, rude

i’m surprised claire didn’t jump up and shove his boots off the table

i’m good with horses… indeed

scotland is so pretty

damn jamie, what part of keep your mouth shut did ye not get

arse, couldna burned the whole place down

jamie at lallybroch is sort of like michonne in the woods with her sword yo

he looks like a magazine cover

a warrior indeed

i’d like to play with ye, but i went and got myself marrit

rut roh shaggy it’s horrocks

sam really does have a beautiful mouth

um yeah no they don’t, none of them look like jamie

no matter the cost, she had no idea what the cost would be then…

no maytag man, yep staying on my side of the stones thanks

wee jamie is so cute

yeah, not so much, better think of a lassie’s name

i’ve seen childbirth.. i’ve seen a plane fly, doesn’t mean i can fly one

cait has claire’s glass face down

who tells jenny no? i’m guessin’ nobody

it’s wrong for a traitorous dog to be that hawt

lintel? isn’t that a bean

don’t even think about puttin’ yer hands on fraser women, they dinna need men to protect ’em, they’ll take yer bollocks themselves

greedy much?

how much? sam is the only man who can make how much sound like “it’s slippery as a waterweed”

laura did a great job with the ‘describe what it’s like to be pregnant” thing

just breathe, shut the fuck up YOU breathe

throbbing, sigh

no epidurals, yeah staying on my side of the stones thank ye verra much

can we give mrs crook and mrs fitz their own show?

a true scot, *gigglesnort*

a thistle stuck up your arse ha!

who would look at ian with pity, man is a wonder

pride.. ok

sons and daughters … sigh

look at her FACE

with frank .. he says THAT like it was covered in horse shit

i never counted on loving you … oh it’s gonna go so far past that

poor jamie

i can bear pain myself.. oh lad, if you only knew

look at his FACE

careful james don’t shoot yourself in the arse

scotland is so GREEN

we don’t want you in the colonies

horrocks is so smarmy

careful who ye threaten there sparky

straight through the heart ..that’s a bryan adams song isn’t it?

protect your chief’s weaker side, indeed

absconder … there’s a word we should be using

i love that buckle on ian’s sword belt

ok seriously i need sam saying fornication on a loop

brotherly love, it’s a beautiful thing


claire is not gonna let you die

you quit YOUR skreekin’

you try pushin’ a human being out of your body .. let’s see who’s skreekin’ then

careful jamie will punch you right in the pizza face, pizza face

i want those mugs

who has a more perfect face than sam? who?

steven cree runs a close second

men should wear their hair long

it’s verra sexy

that thing sam does with his eyebrows just… sends me

really? who else can make eating bread look like porn?

there are just some folks who need killin’ my grandfather used to say

i could do with a tall, strong scotsman myself

haste ye back, i am so gonna start saying that

the way he looks at her … swoon

sam has big thumbs

thick red curls….


that kiss is just..

and there’s that “i know what you’re thinking” jamie and claire stare

that slo mo jamie leaving thing is just freakin’ heart breaking

who looks sexy in the rain? well our fair lad jamie does that’s who

i want that watch, that is way cool. wonder if one of the merchandisers will offer one?


barrel of laughs? Is that something they said in the 18th century?

he’s marrit, can’t go runnin’ off to raid and pillage

yeah, not having babies in the 18th century

that’s sisterly love there folks, don’t know anyone I’d stick my hand in their hooha for

all that wool, all that rain .. i’m guessing it smells a little like wet dog

sam looks like someone sculpted him out of marble and then just spoke him into being

ellen’s bracelets!!! I hope we get to hear the story at some point

where’s jamie?

the redcoats have him

oh my poor lad



and from the media this week:

this week’s edition of you don’t WANT to look, but ye just canna help it

cait on tonight’s episode

crestfallen even

smokin’ hawt

fabulous & opinionated…indeed


and in really good news:




Season 2… court dresses, fergus, master raymond, and verra large sausages!








Beav.. ::gigglesnort::

Screen Shot 05-09-15 at 11.18 AM


and there ya go … until next week then aye?

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I'm a reader of books, writer of tales, dabbler of .. things. I'm also an avid TV watcher, have been since M.A.S.H. first aired ...(that was a long time ago). I've been to the Berlin Wall (when it still was a wall), shaken hands with Ronald Reagan, and lived in Puerto Rico...among other fascinating things, and I ain't done yet.
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  1. Tammy Bursoni says:

    Great read! Thank you! :0)


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