The One Where We All Went Home

Day 85

*BLOGGER’S NOTE: I apologize for the delay in this review but sometimes life gets in the way and it can’t be helped. Plus, I was engrossed in final couple games of Round 1 of the NHL Playoffs and I had to cheer on my team, Detroit Red Wings. Sadly, they were eliminated in game 7 but they fought hard. I am proud of my guys and there is always next year!I might have put a tad too much on my plate as well, which on became a problem because I was not organized enough. I think the break proved helpful as my writer’s block seems to have left the building, at least a bit anyway. *

Contrary to popular again, you can go home again. This was very evident in the last episode of Outlander entitled ‘Lallybroch’. Mind, no one ever said that ‘going home’ would be easy. In the case of Jamie Fraser, I don’t think anything has been easy for him. At least, not after the Redcoats and Captain Black Jack Randall set foot on the estate of Broch Turach.

It was not an easy decision for Jamie to return home to Lallybroch but there really was no other choice in the matter. Of course, he thinks a parson is in the works. Jamie feels immense guilt from what happened to his father and for what he thinks happened to his sister. He didn’t know what he was going to find when he finally returned home and it was scary for him for his return home was full of ghosts, memories and unfinished business. Everything that Jamie has gone through has made him a stronger man but a very stubborn one.


I know that some had a problem with Jenny in this episode and in the book but she is just one of those ‘tell you like it is’ kind of person. I would not want to cross her. Upon seeing Jamie, she rushes straight into his arms for she has not seen him in four years. She introduces Wee Jamie (who is totally adorbs) to his namesake and well all hell breaks loose. Jamie goes off, half-cocked and berates his sister for naming Randall’s bastard after him! RUT ROH! I thought I saw smoke coming out of Jenny’s ears, she was so mad! Jenny ordered him to stand still, less she was going to grab him by the balls to make him stay as such!

Despite this little altercation between the two Fraser siblings, I felt this was a much quiet, calmer episode. I don’t know about anyone else but I feel that when we have one of these type of episodes, it usually means that something major is going to happen in the next couple of episodes that will lead us to the episode that most are not ready to yet face.

I loved everything about Jamie being reunited with his sister and his best friend, Ian!! I felt the show and the actors did a very good job of getting the essence of the characters just right.

I know that some in the fandom are not crazy about Jenny but I love her and her no holds barred, in your face approach! It was quite clear to me that everything she does is for the love of her family. If that means speaking harsh truths, well then so be it. I would not have Jenny any other way. Laura Donnelly plays Jenny to perfection.


I was really looking forward to Jenny telling the story of her encounter with the very evil Redcoat captain and I was not disappointed one bit. Tobias and Laura really rocked this scene out. She literally laughed in the face of her would be rapist and it was very compelling. It seems the captain does not like being ridiculed while attempting rape and it stopped him in his tracks.

The reason being is he was not getting the response he wanted;he wanted her fear to show and to escalate and when he did not get that, he could not perform. He is a sadist that thrives on that of emotion. It’s how he gets his jollies and it does not matter if his victim is male or female. I think people are under the misconception that he is gay since he 1. turned Jenny over and 2. propositions Jamie. No, he is just one sick puppy and thrives on inflicting pain on others. Black Jack Randall is an equal opportunity sadist, he will take it where he can get it.

We all heard about how he described the ‘beating of Jamie’, he loved the thrill and excitement of it and it turns him on. He will not get any satisfaction out of someone who shows no emotion. That is what was different with Jamie, he wanted to break Jamie during that flogging and when it was not working, the thought of breaking him consumed him. The flogging scene was a glorious masterpiece to him buy he did not fully get what he wanted though and Jamie is now his obsession. I am digressing, pardon me. Wentworth is going to break me!


I have to hand it to Jamie, he tried really hard to be Laird of the castle but it was not an easy thing to do. He has not been home in four years and has no idea what it takes to run a place like Lollybroch. He was trying to be something he is not and it was not working for him. I loved the scene at the mill, reminded me of that moment in the book.I felt for Jenny when she saw the scars on his back and she had to walk away.

I loved seeing a drunk Laird who needed ‘hair of the dog’ the next morning and wanted some better tasting bannocks, which led us to the mill scene!

I loved the conversation that Ian and Claire had about how to handle a ‘Fraser’ and how Claire told Jamie how it was going to be. I love Ian and I will have more to say about him in another review or another post later. Steven Cree was perfect in the role. We got our sweet Jamie and Claire moments from the book near the end of the episode. Granted, it was not exactly like the book but the important part is that they were present!


While I adore Jamie and Claire as much as any other Outlander fan, Jenny and Jamie shined in this episode, as they should have. I stated earlier that Jamie had unfinished business at home and a lot of that had to do with Jenny. He felt extreme guilt for what he thought happened to her and their father. Jenny had some issues as well, she never really knew what happened to him. She felt guilty as well for if she had not mocked Randall, Jamie would not have been flogged as much as he had been. Then, she also thought he must have done something, mouthed off in his usual manner in order to get the punishment he received. Although, no one deserves that kind of punishment. She was hurt and angry and cannot be blamed for those emotions. In the end, it was all about the guilt they both felt, guilt over what happened the day BJR came to call and guilt over their father’s death.

The scene between them at their father’s grave was a long time in coming and was very heartbreaking. I will admit that I cried for it was a touching scene.

I am always gushing over the Claire and Jamie scenes that I figured I would change it up a bit and gush over something else just as worthy.

Of course, the episode ended in a cliffhanger of sorts with a man holding a gun to Jamie’s head. Until next week…..

That was somewhat how my review would have ended, IF I had written it in the timely manner I normally do. Episode 13 aired last night and the Snarky one will be shelling out the review with that one so I can play catch up with my other stuff. I will be back next week with a review of episode 14, and I promise it will be done in a timely manner vs a week late!

This review sucks but I hope you enjoy it anyway!


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