Outlandish Randomness Week 4

outlandish randomness wk 4

It is once again time for you to peek inside my brain and find out what I think when I watch Outlander. This week’s randomness comes from 1×12 Lallybroch.

And, away we go…

hey it’s the christmas fireplace thingie

scotland is so pretty and green…

jamie and airplanes, now there is something i’d like to see

jamie dude, don’t ask women their age, rude

when he’s 40 … sigh, foreshadowing

teem breeks

tobias is just gonna get to touch everybody’s naughty bits

i hate dougal

sam if you could stop with the perfect face so i can concentrate that would be lovely

young jamie!! look. at. his. FACE.

jenny!!!! i love jenny LOVE HER

laura donnelly is gorgeous

trollop ..omg.. cage match, i can feel it

oh she’s familiar with his balls

yeah jamie don’t test her, you’ll fail

IAN!!!!!!! steven cree is a hottie

don’t even try with the sarcasm claire, jenny won’t be moved

does she drink whisky? what is Gaelic for understatement?

jamie’s hair gets much redder and they’ll have to hit with a fire extinguisher

i bet his finger tastes nasty

good for you jenny smack him again, sick bastard

i’m usually all about the nakey bits, but ewwww no rape-y black jack peen, that is not sexy

yeah the psychopaths do not enjoy being laughed at

omg could we get claire out of the 87 yards of fabric she’s wrapped up in

claire claire claire …

damn that house looks like Kreacher should be lurking about muttering on about mudbloods

not meek or obedient .. ya don’t say

so should we start calling jamie Laird Crockery Dodger?

jenny, rude

please could we take that kilt off her?

over there.. really? sam is probably the only man on earth who can make “over there” sound like “i want to watch you”

ours. he is the soul of romance is our lad

oh, it’s Brian’s coat

yes he is a braw lad

black jack you sick son of a bitch

he likes to play with his toys … what’s the latin word for understatement

evil son of a bitch

don’t believe you

i think you’d flog him anyway and until he was dead

sick twisted evil man

team breeks

oh jamie, my poor jamie

i could still feel my father’s kiss

oh my poor jamie

cait looks way sexy in just that corset

that shot of jamie’s boots is the saddest thing i’ve ever seen

lol i love jenny

war of the female will .. this will have casualties i believe

those two would die at the same time still talking to make sure the other didn’t get the last word

well now she has a vase

dude really? grown man tattling on a little kid? real mature

ronald mcnabb is better looking than a dick child beater traitor should really be

shitfaced jamie … greatest thing ever

i hope there out outtakes and bloopers from that scene on the dvd ::gigglesnort::

now that you’re a scot you should work on your Gaelic .. lol

he hits her in the bum one more time and I expect he’ll lose a tooth

that’s me … :;gigglesnort::

hangovers suck, even if you are the laird

jenny, use your inside voice

jamie you’re really gonna need to get over yourself or your women are going to kill you

i’m a little in love with mrs. crook

ooh laird butt

dear god he has great legs

jennys’ i’m just a simple scottish woman don’t mind me face is just priceless

oooh, a magic redcoat one touch and the gears are all turnin again

it’s scotland sir .. well then you’d expect it to be a flask not a shirt

claire just leaves pregnant jenny to haul her own self up

his back… ooh there’s the scar from the duel

you can drop that hand anytime you’re ready sam

good thing he’s already married, because as we book readers know, ye canna get married without a cock

and tonight’s Frasers 101 Seminar will be led by Professor Ian Murray


what’s waterpepper

really gonna just leave that candle sitting on the rail like that? there’s no 911 in the 18th century

a bush covered in butterflies, what do they feed the men in scotland to make them talk so purty

stubborn headed pain in the arse mule .. sounds like our lad

they are trying to kill us with sleeping jamie and heughan thigh

i want jenny’s cape

look at how curly his hair has gotten

fratchety .. a word we should use

i love jamie and jenny

is “shot your mouth off” something they said in the 18th century?

there’s not a devil inside him, he IS the devil

they even try to one up each other with love

finally some i love yous from the Laird and Lady Broch Turach

who the fuck are YOU and why are you pointing a gun at our lad

**one little note, if you’ve never read the book.. watch the “round arse, rock solid head scene” from 1×12 Lallybroch, and then read a chapter in Outlander called “The Last Reason”.  I promise .. you won’t be sorry.**


and … from the media this week:

Heughan agreed that there’s further turmoil on the horizon for the happy couple,   um understate much?

I love this magazine. It’s sort of like a car accident.. you don’t WANT to look, you just can’t help it.

Ron’s episode podcasts

I didn’t do a lot with the interviews and reviews this week.. I had so much going on that.. well I just didn’t have time, I’m a slacker I know. I’ll do better next week I SWEAR! 🙂








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