Outlandish Randomness: Week 3

outlandish randomness wk 3

It is time for another installment of the random things I think when I watch Outlander as well as the media round up for the week. This is of course for 1×11 The Devil’s Mark.

So, without further whatchamacallit…

that is gonna leave a mark

yes Claire …didn’t someone tell you to STAY AWAY? learn a lesson .. oh never mind

is that a thieves’ hole or a cage match

geillis is a whack job

how does she know it’s a boy..oh wait, i know

if that’s food for witches, i think i’d rather be a serial killer

no, he won’t

i love how cait says “Jamie”

claire seriously will cut off her own nose to spite her face

well, burning is certainly warmer

::gigglesnort:: it’s not a maypole ha!

i wish i looked that hawt on my best day, never mind a night in a deep, dark, rat infested hole


oooh it’s mutt and jeff

the crime of witchcraft .. dude your haircut is a crime

friends? what friends?

oh, that one

i love ned and bill paterson is a joy to watch

ned knows his legal shit y’all

ad hoc is latin for we can do whatever the hell we want so shut up

claire, that smug look isn’t going to do you any favors

geillis is gonna turn you into a toad you traitorous little bitch

or set you on fire …

wow cait has a gorgeous neck

lotte has the best resting bitch face i’ve ever seen

i’m sorry, YOU look more like a witch than our fair claire

claire shut up

ooh I love that shawl thing the fairy baby’s mom is wearing

is that crocheted

yes we can all accept the logic of the fairies …

i don’t doubt geillis can fly, if anyone is a witch it’s her

let me guess, you hit on her and she turned you down, so she must be gay or witch cuz you so charming… not

witch leashes

freakin’ colum

whisky solves every scottish problem

i wouldn’t share my last meal whisky with anyone

caitriona balfe is exceptionally beautiful

these women deserve emmys i’m just sayin’

man’s a lion .. well, she’s right about what he loves

geillis is a whack job

whoo hoo quoting American Patriots in a Scottish Thieves’ Hole .. when the patriot was just a wee lad .. time travel paradoxes give me a headache

wait jamie not frank? who’da thunk it.. oh wait, me

seriously how do you look that good?

i agree with geillis looks like a crow to me, i hate birds

that right there, that’s claire, refusing the hand of a man who wants to kill her.. that’s claire

witch leashes

that’s some beer gut ya got goin’ on there dude

is that mutt or jeff?

oh look, it’s LegWhore

shut up

die in a fire

yeah because he doesn’t and didn’t love you

yeah no, you’re a skanky little child

claire shut up

no really, shut up

can’t steal what was never yours

should have hit her harder

the love of your life .. delusional much

claire shut up

oh goodie here comes the scary priest

you got the wrong whore there buddy, try the red head

i bet it is hot as hell in that little church

ooh that extra guy is cute

talk about crocodile tears

don’t fall for it, it’s a trap

see told ya

was everyone in the 18th century that gullible

i hope a giant rock falls on your head

i think the fat one is jeff

geillis’s dress is freakin’ gorgeous

it doesn’t matter what you know it only matters what total bullshit you can get people to believe

throw geillis under the bus

i’m going to a fucking bar-b-q .. greatest line of the whole episode

no geillis she isn’t batshit crazy

cait is tall

ooh that extra guy is good looking too

lots of good looking people in scotland

yeah the fat one is jeff

we found a witch, can we burn her

if you please

go get ’em ned

1968 I was 3

take your hands OFF my ned ye bastards

claire shut up

strip her .. see that is the goal of a witch trial, naked chicks

shut up LegWhore

now claire & jamie have matching backs

yes I know, i’m going to hell


where did he come from?

he’ll decapitate every single one of you

what do you think of jamie now little miss legwhore

don’t see him putting his life in danger for your skanky ass

geillis is a whack job

oh see now it dawns on her

i love claire, but she really isn’t too quick on the uptake is she?

ooh another good looking extra

witchcraft trial turns to crowd surfing

those red shoes are too awesome

those are some happy fire people

scotland is so pretty

i swear i could listen to sam read the russian constitution in russian

sam heughan has the greatest face in the history of god putting skin on bone

here comes the truth lad, can ye take it

no other two people could have done this as well as sam and cait i am totally convinced of that now

sam has a sexy mouth

yes i do think you’re crazy but you’re hawt and i love you so it’s all good

i love the jamie head wiggles

and the little one side of his face smile

she thinks he’s insane now

team breeks

listening jamie is sexy jamie

oh jamie, that always breaks my heart

if i were a horse i’d let him ride me anywhere.. indeed.

i’m here .. omg he is trying to kill us all

head wiggle

we rode hard .. ::gigglesnort:

what the hell is she doing? making a kite?





i want to watch you





where do i get one of him

cait has great legs

seriously just.. wow

omg that smile

ovaries exploded all over the world

that bum roll.. sheesh

oh his face, poor baby

that hike in those skirts, you really gotta want it

if you love something … set it free

how long did she stand there, first it was light, then it was dark

on your feet soldier … indeed


and from the media this week:

i freakin’ knew it

from the horses’s mouths

are you kidding me with this witchcraft shit

the Gaelic bits


cait says

toni says

Ron Says..

and that’s that til next week 🙂

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I'm a reader of books, writer of tales, dabbler of .. things. I'm also an avid TV watcher, have been since M.A.S.H. first aired ...(that was a long time ago). I've been to the Berlin Wall (when it still was a wall), shaken hands with Ronald Reagan, and lived in Puerto Rico...among other fascinating things, and I ain't done yet.
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