The One With The Examiners

Outlander just keeps getting better and better with each new episode we lucky fans sit down to watch every week. This show packs so much book material into a show that it feels as if the words jumped off the pages and onto our TV screens! “The Devil’s Mark’ was so damned good I had trouble forming words that went beyond wow and awesomesauce. Believe me, my vocabulary does extend past those adjectives.

Once again, I watched another episode of Outlander three times! It seems to be the magic number that is working for me. I look forward to every Friday night now so I can get my brand new episode fix a day early. I am certainly not alone in this!


As soon as I saw the above image show up on Kindle screen, I knew we were in for a treat. Those where my exact thoughts as I watched the starlings fly around and how beautiful they looked flying in a pattern against a beautiful blue Scotland sky. I felt as if it was the calm before the storm. I could not have been more right for everything after that was full of drama, intrigue, and suspense.


They may have been seen as witches in the eyes of the ‘law’ and therefore treated as such but to throw two women down into a deep hole ticked this woman off. *Let me at em* I will show them something that rhymes with “WITCH”! I know it’s just a show but my ‘I am woman, hear me roar” was coming out!


Toni Graphia did a phenomenal job on this episode and Catriona and Lotte were beyond amazing. From the beginning of the whole witchy episode to the end of the wicked trial, this was clearly their time to shine! And SHINE they did! The way these two actors played off of each other was nothing short of amazing. It was like reading those scenes in the book all over again because the two ladies put you in those cold, dark moments. I heard it told via Twitter that Toni Graphia fought hard for some key moments and I am so glad she did!


Sure, we have all read about how witch trials were conducted and seen many a version of one on TV but the one played out in this episode was intense beyond belief. I was on the edge of my seat and holding my breath the whole time. Usually, I have some type of comment to make but I was too mesmerized by all the intense drama going on before my eyes. I could not even muster up a ‘jealous, bitter wench’ comment about Laoghaire when she came into the judgment , I meant courtroom.

The witnesses were compelling and believable (even Laoghaire) and even the bookie in me was wondering how they were going to get out of it. How amazing was Nell Hudson in this episode? She nailed it and it is the mark of a good actor to make you dislike her so. Yes, my sympathy for her went out the window at the end of the last episode and continued on in this one.


Claire and Geillis did have a white knight in their midst though. Ned Gowen comes in and tries to save the girls lives by representing them. He did a damn fine job of it too. He was even willing to help Geillis, despite the fact that he knew she did herself no favors with the way she carried on. He was surprised she had lasted as long as she did but then again she was hiding behind her husband’s kilt.

I loved how kind and compassionate he was with the mother of the ‘changeling’ baby but still managed to make Claire look more favorable in the eyes of Mutt and Jeff,I mean the examiners.

He pulls out a gun and had some funny little quips! Way to put on the white hat, Ned!


When Father Bain was called to testify, I thought”oh cue the dark music because here comes the man who can and will really seal Claire’s fate”. It was no secret that Father’I can smell the vapors of hell on you’Bain was no fan of Claire’s and so when he started his speech, I was all “blah blah” and then it happened. He actually defended Claire and gave her major props for doing what he could not…save the life of a little boy who had only become ill.

I don’t think it was to save Claire really, it was more of a self-serving thing because, of course, he fell down upon his sword in a ‘I’m not worthy’ kind of way but was denied in moving on to serve another parish. Suck it up Father, you did a good deed (whether your intent or not, jury is still out) and therefore will be rewarded. While I admit to being shocked at this change, it worked out well.


Before things got really hairy in the courtroom of Mutt and Jeff , Ned asked to have a minute with the lasses and once again this is where the three actors shined. There is talk that he can try to save only one and he thinks it should be Claire, since Geillis was thought to be a witch long before Claire arrived. A lot of the best moments were between Cait and Lotte (until near the end of the episode that is) that included some major back and forth between the two.

In the end, she realizes that Claire is not there to change anything and that all her efforts were for naught.There really is no other way to go. Geillis will take all the blame. Another white hat moment perhaps and that moment gave us the best line of the episode. It was much-needed at this time in the show because everything was intense.

I loved that line as it was a great way to release the nervous tension you felt inside and Ron said that was intended when he was chatting on Twitter after the episode. Please, sir may I have S’more? See what I did there?

I think it is a strong mark of the friendship they have shared, when Claire would not lay all the blame on Geillis and was willing to die with her. Then comes Ned’s waving a gun white hat moment and chaos ensued. I hope nothing happened to poor Ned (thought I doubt it) but will we ever know? Geillis giving the ‘1968’ clue did not dawn on Claire until after she was strapped or flogged. It broke my heart (Jamie’s and Geillis as well) to see her being flogged.

This is where the other hero of the day, Jamie comes in to save his wife. The confession that followed was one of the most compelling scenes I have seen in a show in a long time. Lotte was in top form, confessing that she was a witch and was carrying the child of the Devil and proceeded to strip down to the waist to prove it! My eyes were glued to the screen the whole time. The only ones who seemed to have compassion where Mutt and Jeff but only because she was with clearly with child. Claire is shocked to see the same smallpox vaccine on the arm of Geillis that she also on her own. DUN DUN, she is from the future as well!


I was happy to hear the honesty speech when Claire and Jamie finally were far enough away from town to stop and tend to her back. I know that there are some that are not happy with it, thinking it did not fit well here. I would have liked to hear it being said in ‘The Wedding’ episode as well but this was much better than not hearing it at all. It would have been a major mistake to NOT include it anywhere at all. I was happy with it.

I loved the different looks on Sam’s face as she was telling the truth to his character. Cait and Sam were so amazing in these scenes. He may not have understood what she was telling him yet but he believed her and the scenes were so touching. He was so angry with himself for beating her when she was only trying to go home.

As a book reader, I was already getting misty-eyed because I knew what was coming. I was trying to think about how a non-book reader was seeing it and wondered if they saw it coming.

The scene at the fireside was so gripping when he seemed to want to memorize every part of her, including her face as he pleasures her. When he asks her the next day if she was ready to go home, I could tell they were not on the same wavelength in regards to home. Once they are at the stones and she goes to touch them, he yanked her back and says “I was not ready”. Yep my heart was breaking for him and her.


"Goodbye Sassenach"

“Goodbye Sassenach”

After the much tearful ‘Goodbye Sassenach’ Claire looks at her two rings and thinks of her two husbands and stands up to touch the stones and it cuts to Jamie laying by the fireside, with a single, solitary tear running down his cheek. Oh the heartbreak coming from these two!

Claire: “On your feet, soldier, take me home to Lallybroch”



The episode ends with an embrace and a kiss!

I give it 5 very well-earned stars! What did you think of the episode? Sound off below!

Next up Lallybroch!

Gif Sources:Único & Sexier Than Braveheart


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I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these2 two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Game of Thrones, Supernatural,Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander, Once Upon A Time, The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.
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14 Responses to The One With The Examiners

  1. celiageefree says:

    I actually sobbed during the last 5 minutes. I love the books but the series is tearing my guts out.


  2. Loved it! It’s so well acted! Geillis was outstanding when she ripped her dress!


    • Nymerias says:

      I know…Lotte was really in her element in Episode 11! The whole episode was top notch! If this show does not get quite a few Emmy’s they are not watching the same show we all are!


  3. Peigi says:

    The acting was superb all around, but Sam is tied with Jamie Fraser for King of Men!


  4. rynawolfe says:

    Great blog! The only thing I saw differently was Father Bain – I don’t think he was trying to do a good thing. I think he accomplished exactly what he meant to. That little sneer he gives Claire and Geillis…..he orchestrated that perfectly. He may well have planted the guy in the audience to yell out what he did and turn the tide. Wonderful read! Thanks!


    • Nymerias says:

      Thank you, we love compliments around here but who doesn’t? I did love the Father Bain change and I think others will wonder of his true motive. It was definitely a self-serving sermon, that is for sure. He did make it look like she had fooled him. We might not ever know his true intention because he made it look like he was not happy with the idea of burning her at the stake but then that sneer. It was a good change.


  5. anafraserlallybroch says:

    Reblogged this on Ana Fraser Lallybroch Blog.


  6. luvvamps says:

    Best episode yet!


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