Sam Heughan with INTERVIEW Magazine

I love love this magazine and I actually got my hands on one when Alexander Skarsgard was on the cover!! I am going to have to ask my friend to hook me up with one again because Sam Heughan is in the mag now!!

Photography Raf Stahelin

Here are just a few snippets from the piece he did with Interview magazine! This magazine puts out some really good stuff and asks intelligent questions!

EMMA BROWN: Do you remember your first visit to New York?

HEUGHAN: My first visit was when I took two years out after school. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, so I was working a lot and I traveled—I flew to San Francisco, and traveled down the West Coast by bus, down to New Orleans, down to Mexico, and back up the East Coast. New York was the end of my journey. I had no money left and I was very lost. I had enough money for one night in a hostel and I didn’t know what to do. I thought, “I’m going to spend that money, I’m going up the Empire State Building.” And that’s what I did. I went up there, saw the views, and I was like, “This is amazing.” Val Kilmer was there, for some reason.

BROWN: That’s so random.

HEUGHAN: Yeah. Then I came back down and I was like, “I really now need to work out what I’m going to do.” I went back to the hostel and there was a note left there for me from one of my best friends back in the U.K. Somehow he had found out I was staying there and was like, “Come and stay with me and my family.” I was like, “Phew.” But I’ve been here a lot. I was here for the marathon; it got canceled. I trained for it and then Sandy happened.

BROWN: When did you decide to apply for drama school?

HEUGHAN: I was always interested in it. I remember I was on a boat in Pensacola and was just feeling very pensive—I thought, when I go back to U.K., I’m going to explore this more. So I went back and I joined the Lyceum Youth Theatre and it was just wonderful. I was there with them for a year. We did workshops. I got put into a couple of productions through the Lyceum in Edinburgh—just as “Spear Carrier Number Two” or whatever—but it really gave me an understanding [of acting]. I’d always gone to the theater as a child every month to see whatever was on. I think that’s where the passion for it came from.

BROWN: Do you come from quite an artistic family?

HEUGHAN: I do, yes. My mum is an artist. I guess that helps; she’s very supportive. She did warn me that this is not an easy career. I think anyone in the arts, you’re self-employed, it’s so difficult.

You can read more of the piece on Sam Heughan at INTERVIEW and enjoy some more awesome pictures!! There are six in total but I only showed you too!

Photography Raf Stahelin
Stylist Katie Burnett

Photography by: RAF STAHELIN
SOURCE: Interview Magazine


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12 Responses to Sam Heughan with INTERVIEW Magazine

  1. snarkland78 says:

    Seriously, sweetie, are you TRYING to kill me?! I’m melting here… **fans self**


  2. snarkland78 says:

    **still fanning self**


  3. leslie says:

    Reblogged this on leslieraisor and commented:
    I have truly enjoyed this article. I am impressed with the photo shoot also 🙂


  4. What a great interview! It was refreshing to get a glimpse into who he is instead of what he wears under his kilt.


    • Nymerias says:

      I know. There is so much more to any actor outside of what their character wears or what he does. We already know the answer to this ridiculous question anyway for the most part. Let’s move on. So much focus is on that, nude and sex scenes, and their private lives that important things and their professional life are set aside.


  5. Julie says:

    Which issue is he in April or May?


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