The One With the Foul Mouthed Language

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Droughtlander is officially over now; we can all rejoice that our show is back. Actually, it was over for some sooner than others as ‘The Reckoning’ was released ON DEMAND and Starz Play at midnight early Saturday morning! I stayed up late to watch as did many, many others and continued to watch late into the morning. In total, I have watched 3 times now and I feel well versed to give you some thoughts on it! My first, second and third impression is that it was nothing short of amazing!



I have never been more proud to be a fan than I am at this moment. The Reckoning was all that I could have asked for and more. It was brilliant to start out the episode from Jamie’s point of view. The line ‘Strange the things you remember’ will be forever burned into your memory as it was the same line that Claire spoke in the very first episode. It was a great mirror.

I felt these opening scenes of Jamie skipping rocks across the water and meeting up with Horrocks was the clam before the storm. As soon as he finds out that Claire has been taken by the Redcoats, he sets off on a mission with Murtagh, Angus, and Rupert to save her.

I knew this was going to be amazing but I had not quite prepared myself for just how amazing it would be. I need to find more adjectives to describe how I feel but my thoughts are muddled. I literally had chills watching these characters interact with each other. I had chills throughout the whole episode but this scene gave a hint of what we are going to see in future episodes with these three.

The dynamic is beautiful and powerful. Claire, even while frightened was showing her spunk, by telling BJR his balls were going to be cut off! I love her! How powerful was Caitriona Balfe in all her scenes? Wow! Caitriona, Sam and Tobias play off of each other like a fiddle and it is nothing short of amazing. Cait’s chemistry with all her co-stars knows no bounds. In every scene, it is like playing with fire, it’s that explosive and amazing.

Even though I read the book,I was on the edge of my seat thinking how in the hell are they going to get out of there! Claire may have been fighting Blackjack but she was beyond scared, she was terrified and even more so when Jamie showed. I believe she was terrified for him, she knew what being there at Fort William cost him but I am getting ahead of myself.

Blackjack Randall scares the hell out of me and I cringe in fear every time he appears on screen. Tobias Menzies is a brilliant beyond brilliant actor and I can’t see anyone else playing this character. Of course, BJR gets the upper hand and gets Jamie to lay down his weapon! Little does he know, it’s not loaded! Oh Jamie! After the failed attempt to shot Jamie BJR gets knocked out by Jamie and they get away with a well timed gun powder explosion!

Can you say EMMY for Tobias? You will be seeing that word pop up a lot in this post!


After stopping to water the horses when they get far enough away, Jamie takes Claire aside and asks her if she is okay. This reminded me of the time that I caught the underside of my mum’s recliner on fire (long story) and after finding out I was okay, she started yelling at me! Jamie was not yelling yet but he was sure as hell pissed off (and rightly so) and he demanded an apology. Of course, Claire is not having any of that and proceeds to tell him so! Once again, how awesome is Cait, this is where she shines and with the spanking scene and every other scenes after. She just keeps shining brighter and brighter.

After Jamie called her a foul mouthed bitch, he was visibly shaken and not just from their argument. It was at this moment that he realized how much he was in love with her. I know that it was pretty much love at first sight for him in the book but this was the moment that truly defined it for him. As he said, ‘for me that was not a choice,that was falling in love’.

“I went to you in Fort William armed with an empty pistol and my bare hands and when you screamed……you’re tearing my guts out Claire!” ~Jamie Fraser

He knew first-hand what BJR was capable of and he wanted to spare her from that. For Jamie walking back into the place where he was so tortured was a hard and an easy choice at the same time. I felt that he didn’t grasp the reality of what he had done until it was over and they were safely away. He knows there will be no hiding from Randall now yet he didn’t hesitate in coming to her rescue.

A reader can only see so much of a written scene in their head, no matter how well written it is. Trust me when I say I could envision it in my mind. I have to admit that this scene was so much more powerful on screen than on paper. That can only be a testament to the writing and to Sam Heughan’s portrayal of Jamie. As I said above, he was visibly shaken as if coming to grips with the enormity of what he had just done and gotten away with. It could have just as easily gone south.

If Sam did not deserves an EMMY before this episode (which he did) he sure as hell deserves one now!


This is a topic that has been chewed over so much that it started getting boring. I am not saying the scene was boring, just that people talking about it and having a problem with it, got old really fast. I could sit here at my PC and type the same mantra that Diana, writers, producers, actors and bloggers have already stated but it would be redundant.

I will only say two things in regards to SPANKGATE 1.I loved it and no as a woman I was not offended one freaking bit. It was a must see in my opinion and 2. If anyone had a problem with the spanking to the point where it made them uncomfortable, I suggest they either bail out now or develop a thicker skin. If they cannot handle the ‘spanking’ then they will NOT be able to handle WENTWORTH, where shit gets real and very dark. Moving on!



Bride and Groom arrive back at Leoch to a really warm welcome, outside of Colum that is who was not a happy camper at all. It was not just Jamie that he was upset with but with his brother Dougal and Ned! I loved how real life history came into play here with talk of the Jacobite rebellion and Bonnie Prince Charlie. I am very much looking forward to Season 2 when we will hear more about the Jacobite rebellion and Jamie and Claire’s part in it! Gary Lewis was so solid and powerful in his scenes! My mouth dropped when Dougal dropped the ‘ensuring your bloodline’ bomb referring to wee Hamish!

Now, much has been said about Laoghaire and her confronting Jamie for an explanation. I do believe he owed her one and you can read more of that opinion HERE. While I agree with her needing an explanation, I don’t agree with what she did afterwards. I know she thinks she loves Jamie but coming on to him at the lake and thinking he will dishonor his wife. She knows he is an honorable man or least she should have. One should never mess with dark magic the likes of an ill wish just because they did not get their man.


Claire pretty much gave Jamie the cold shoulder after the spanking and wanted nothing to do with him; outside of talking anyway. I cannot say I blame her as she does come from a time when men did not beat on their women. She is also a strong independent woman and will not take that crap anyone, even a man who has stolen her heart.

Well, then of course we were all witnesses to one of the best makeup sex scenes we have seen on TV in quite some time!

She got her point across very well I would say and I found it very sexy, especially because after that he still said I mean to make you call me master!

SIDE NOTE: I would call him Master every day of the week and twice on Sunday!

The episode ends with Claire finding the ‘ill wish’ that was left under the bed by a vengeful girl who feels spurned by Jamie because of Claire.

What are your thoughts on the episode….sound off below and I left a poll for you as well!


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5 Responses to The One With the Foul Mouthed Language

  1. KayZee says:

    This was a very well-written re-cap and spot on with how I felt about the show! It was perfect on every level from the writing, acting, cinematography, sound, editing and directing. This is award-winning material and I hope there will be many Emmys in Outlander’s future. If not, the critics aren’t watching. Thank you for a wonderful blog!!


    • Nymerias says:

      I agree in that they would have to be blind not to give the show the accolades it deserves! We fans will just have to show them through spreading the love and giving it the highest praise ever. They will have no choice but to stand up and take notice! #EmmysForOutlander


  2. anafraserlallybroch says:

    Reblogged this on Ana Fraser Lallybroch Blog.


  3. trarecar says:

    I loved it too. Thought the spanking scene was well done and they went to great lengths to show that this was what was expected because of the time, not because Jamie is an ass.

    I STILL think they dropped the ball by not having Jamie tell Laoghaire that he actually loves Claire. I guess he was trying to spare her feelings, but I hope it does somehow come up again and he’s able to make that clear with her. But I am not holding my breath. Didn’t ruin the episode or anything. 🙂

    That sex scene was hotter than The Wedding!!! My husband said having a knife to his throat would have killed his mood instantly, but I am not so sure. LOL


    • Nymerias says:

      Lol it kill the mood for some men! Where Laoghaire is concerned, I don’t feel he should tell her something that personal. But I think him not telling her adds to the drama of the I’ll wish.


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