My Outlandish Opinion On Laoghaire Confronting Jamie

I started ‘My Outlandish Opinion’ partly because I (and others) used to give what we called “Fangpinions’ at another blog site I was part of and also I felt it would be a nice companion piece for my fellow blogger, Thistle at OutlanderMusings with her ‘Snap Judgments’ pieces. I will join you in the penalty box any day of the week should the need call for it! The MOO I have for you today is a good one and it most likely won’t be popular but hey that is the life of a blogger and I am a big girl.

First, let’s watch the video, shall we?

I know what you are thinking because I have heard it already in the fandom. You are thinking, why is Jamie offering her an explanation? They were not a couple so he does not owe her one! Oh, but he does ye ken? We know Jamie is an honorable man and will always do the honorable thing so we are not surprised by his offering.

For those that think he owed her no explanation, put yourselves in the young lasses shoes for a minute. There is this man that you have had your eye on for years, one who (in your view and opinion) has finally taken notice of you. He has saved you from embarrassment and a beating in front of the whole clan. He appears to have taken a liking to you, enough to playing kissy face in dark corners of the castle. You are bound to think that he had some feelings for you and so you wait for his return.


How would you feel? A bit used and lead on by one Jamie Fraser? I know I would and he would be getting a piece of my mind as well. In those days, a woman would get ideas in her head and have major expectations. You just don’t kiss an impressionable young girl like Laoghaire and not expect her to have expectations.

I suppose one could say Jamie was taking the easy way out by saying it was Dougal’s arrangement and it was not his plan to wed when he set out on the trip. He was just being honest and it was the truth. Neither Jamie nor Claire had marriage on their mind when they left Castle Leoch.

I think he knows he led Laoghaire on due to his previous attentions to her and wants to give her that explanation. I would think his explanation would have more to do with leading her to think he wanted something more with her rather than why he would marry Claire. I mean, that really is between Claire and himself, and Dougal and Colum, of course.

I may not like Laoghaire for what she will do in the future but at this point in the story, I do feel her heartbreak and pain. I won’t deny her that right for she is just in in feeling that way.

I am looking forward to seeing this scene played out as well as the entire episode! 4 more days dreamers!

As per usual, sound off below!


About Nymerias

I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these2 two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Game of Thrones, Supernatural,Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander, Once Upon A Time, The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.
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14 Responses to My Outlandish Opinion On Laoghaire Confronting Jamie

  1. Emily LoVullo says:

    THANK YOU!!!! I thought I was the only person on Earth who thought this 🙂


  2. Amie Michael says:

    I agree! Jamie is an honorable man and would show her consideration.


  3. Dede Taylor says:

    And in those days.. kissing and puttin’ yer hands on a lass often ended with you either dead or married. She had every right to have expectations .. but well, since lots of people have no’ read the books I’ll keep the rest of that to myself. But I agree, at this point in the story Jamie definitely owed some kind of explanation.


  4. SM says:

    I never thought of it that way before!


  5. Debra says:

    Considering the reason she was brought up for the beating to begin with, I’d say she’s played around with more boys than just Jamie. And, obviously she didn’t learn her lesson, or she wouldn’t have been in the dark corners of the castle kissing Jamie. Naughty girl.


  6. ITA. I had my own Laoghaire moment in HS…went on a great date with a guy I really liked, only for him to show up at school on Monday with a new girlfriend! And yes, I was mad at him. But I was MUCH madder at her! I was a dumb 16 year old, and so is Laoghaire. Difference is, I grew up lol


  7. Exactly! At this point she’s an impressionable young girl, and even though she knew she was having difficulty keeping Jamie’s attention… she’s crushing hard on him, and who can blame her?

    But as for her later actions…. Ugh! Especially considering the fact that she wasn’t a kid anymore.


  8. Debra says:

    Leery is no innocent girl here. Remember, she was brought up for a public beating because she was playing around with boys. Jamie was just her lastest and greatest.


    • Nymerias says:

      I get that but it it doesn’t mean she is not owed an explanation. She is a young, immature, impressionable girl with raging hormones. Jamie saves her from a beating and then plays kissy face with her in dark corners of the castle. Of course she got ideas.

      I don’t like her either for what I know she is about to do but I before that happens, she does have a right to confront him.


      • Debra says:

        I don’t dislike the girlI. As a matter of fact, I feel sorry for her. But I do agree with Jamie…he owes her nothing except courtesy. It is out of courtesy that he explains the situation to her, not a debt owed.


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