Everything Outlander Related

There has been a ton of new stuff out about Outlander and rather than have separate posts for each bit of news, I am just going to hit you with them, all at once!



For those of us who are not fortunate to attend Paley Fest in California, dinna fash, Yahoo TV is going to hook us all up with a live stream! You can find that stream HERE. Starting at 11:10 p.m. ET so get out your time zone maps to make sure you are viewing it from the jump! I will have to watch it later as I have an early appointment in the morning.



Just a wee snippet from Ron’s interview with The Hollywood Reporter and you can read the rest of the post at THR

The audience has been warned that it gets darker in the back half, but it also gets more romantic, which makes the darkness work even better. How do you tread that fine line?

You’re aided a lot because you know where you’re going. So because I knew that where we’re going to go, that the end was pretty dark, that the last couple chapters of season one’s story we’re going to go to really dark and disturbing places, then you can step back and look at it and say, “OK, the journey of getting there, you don’t want to just be a slide straight down.” You want to have other peaks and valleys. You want other things playing along the way, so that when you got there, it felt like a shock, and it felt like, “Oh my God!” As opposed to, “Oh, Jesus, I’ve been dreading this all season.” You want it to have [a sense] of warning the audience and kind of giving a heads up, that it’s not all sunny-ness and light here. There are some things that are going to happen you’re not going to like, but we have these other stories and so sort of go along with us on the ride.

I believe that is all the news so far, unless I misses something in which case I will post that something later! Enjoy Paley tonight Sassenachs!


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