Blurred Lines… Love Lines… or…I’ll Raise You a J to Your C?

Yesterday we received a juicy tidbit, a nugget, of the goodness of S1 P2 coming up.  It’s full of the promise of sex, love, rock n roll, danger, escapes, true love, miracles… (A plate of hot bannocks to the person who knows where those last ones came from…) And, let me say, it totally made my day and my day needed to be made.  I’ve been sick all week and have needed something good to cheer me up…but all it did was make me think.  With this sleep deprived, congested head that is NOT a good thing.


For some odd reason, this sleep-deprived, congested head focused on a split second scene.  And, for most of yesterday I could’ve sworn I knew exactly what was happening and what it meant.  Then, after a bit of research, I swallowed my pride (and, with my throat being sore for 4 days that wasn’t easy) and admitted it was probably wrong.  However it made me think but, then, it IS Diana Gabaldon.  She makes us think all throughout her novels.  But, I must confess, it’s a bit controversial so please be nice and listen to my reasoning before you throw your dirks at me.

Here’s a screenshot from the preview…


Obviously, this is Claire because we see her rings.  It’s her right hand and we see her thumb pressing against something on her hand.


I thought, at first and for most of yesterday, that it was the letter ‘J’.  **ducks a flying dirk**  You know, as in a carved J for Jamie.  **runs from lots of flying dirks**

Why did I think this?  Well, for several reasons…


1.  See what’s circled?

Hand 1

It looks like a J to me (like the J’s we were taught to write when we were first learning how to write our letters, with the top horizontal tail).  Admit it; it looks like a J, with the perpendicular line running down from it and the curve underneath it.

2.  “But…but…but they carve their initials at the base of their thumbs!  At the end of Dragonfly in Amber!”  Yes I know that but… how much of the book changed for the series?  Think of the RING controversy….yes, I’m talking to some of you out there!!  The point is: they’ve already changed elements of the book.  Why should we count on what was in Book 2 being in S2?  We could see it in the second half.  Anything’s possible folks!!  (Ahem…DUEL that is mentioned in Book 2!  Isn’t that coming up this season??)

3.  It was in the preview.  It is important.  Why put it in if it wasn’t important?  Each part of the preview was narrated by Jamie (whew…I could listen to that man speak all day, what about you?) and it was in the part where Jamie mentions, “A choice between right and wrong, love and hate…”.  So…it has something to do with her love for Jamie.

4.  TPTB have mentioned that S2 will be presented in a completely different way.  Now, does that mean that they are changing the book?  I don’t know.  Personally I think it means they’re taking more creative license than with S1.  So… see Reason #2.

I mentioned my theory in different forums and a lot of people mentioned the marriage lines mentioned by Mrs. Graham at the beginning.  Perhaps she was rubbing the marriage line?  I bit the bullet and Googled Marriage Lines (having never had my palm read).  And here’s one illustration I found…

So, basically, now I amend my previous thought that this is the letter J.  It may very well be the marriage line she’s rubbing, and thinking about.

But…what do you think?  Do you think the lines are blurred?

Ok, not that thankfully.

(Personally I prefer…)

Love Weird Al!!

Do you think they are love lines?  Do you think it’s a J?

And if it was a J, in what context would you accept it being in S1 vs. S2?  Is there any context?

Thanks for letting me vent.


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4 Responses to Blurred Lines… Love Lines… or…I’ll Raise You a J to Your C?

  1. I’m thinking it’s the marriage line and maybe thinking back, to what Mrs.Graham said to her about having 2 marriages, and how that has all come to fruition.


  2. Emily LoVullo says:

    I think you *may* be reading a little much into it but I think it’s a valid theory! I *REALLY* hope they keep the ‘cutting’ scene where it is in the book because it means so much in context! Your ‘marriage line’ comment may be right…she could be having a flashback to the Mrs. Graham scene and rubbing the ‘marriage line’. *OR* she could just be looking at Jamie’s ring and contemplating going back to Frank (when Jamie takes her to Craigh Na Dun post-witch trial)?! Thanks for posting 🙂


  3. anafraserlallybroch says:

    Reblogged this on Ana Fraser Lallybroch Blog.


  4. bethwesson says:

    Hmmmmm……thinking…..didn’t they say the ending was going to be different? And…didn’t Cait say she was prepared to defend her self with a cushion because of the ending that would be a surprise to some fans? …I repeat…hmmmmmm


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