March Outlandish Birthdays

It’s time for the March Birthdays… but first things first:



Beth Blanchard @miabama on Twitter.  Congrats Beth!!

This is what she won. Thanks to our own Barbara Henderson for creating this beautiful locket for the Outlandish Birthday Present.

feb prize



Now, on to the March celebrations!  We wish you all a fantastic birthday MONTH (because really, who doesn’t want to celebrate their birthday all month).

I’ve listed Twitter handles for those who had them so that on their actual birthday we can all load up their timelines with birthday love. If you don’t have Twitter (or even if you do) you can also join the Outlandish Birthday Club on Facebook.  You can also follow us on Twitter.

Those without Twitter, we love you too and your name is listed here for all to see and we encourage comments wishing everyone some birthday love!

If you’re not here and you’d like to be, email me at

Outlandish March Birthdays:

March 1st

  • Steven Wade (no Twitter)
  • Lisa Branford @chtease

March 2nd

  • ME!! (Dede)  @Frasers_Ridge

March 3rd

  • Patty Bolen @PattyPlbolen88

March 4th

  • Jenny Heggs (no twitter)

March 5th

  • Karli Anderson @outlandrfangirl
  • Romina Iafrate (no twitter)

March 6th

  • Julie Wuest (no twitter)
  • Alice Johnson (no twitter)

March 7th

  • Anne Mueller  @AnneSMueller
  • Leslie Kramer @lkramer3764
  • Paige Contreras @primrosesandrue
  • Carmen Calatrava @Chef964
  • Tobias Menzies (our very own Frank/BJR) @tobiasmenzies

March 8th

  • Stephanie Hill (no twitter)
  • Karen Leonard (no twitter)

March 9th

  • Leslie Diamond @LeslieDiamondVO
  • Ellen Luppens @Eluppens
  • Emily Chau @talkbookishtome

March 10th

Sad day…no March 10 babies.

March 11th

  • Kim Haynes @MeowHerder

March 12th

  • Alyson Bailey @eeebailey

March 13th

  • Barb Hanson @barbahanson1
  • Laurie Pape-Hadley @HadleyLp
  • Candi Spencer @CandiSpencer13

March 14th

  • Orainda Heins @Oraindalue

March 15th

Sad day … no March 15 babies.

March 16th

  • Tina Lucero (no twitter)
  • Nancy Conner @naneki01

March 17th

Sad day… no March 17 babies.

March 18th

  • Kelly Gillespie @towlierocks
  • Jessica Ranallo @jbooklover

March 19th

  • Dana Johnson @heyitsdanaj

March 20th

  • Donna Waters @romancemama

March 21st

Sad day… no March 21st babies.

March 22nd

  • Kristie Chapman (no twitter)

March 23rd

  • Arianne Murray (no twitter)
  • Karen Brand @bigdoh
  • Micaela @manhatans
  • Dee Tulipani @dctvims09
  • Marilyn Aurand @mkaurand

March 24th

  • Susan Wright (no twitter)

March 25th

  • Terri Megaridis @megaridis
  • Lisa Hissong @lehpopcorn
  • Megan Clark @meganclark_94
  • Jean Foster @wbfjf
  • Jessica Dibert (no twitter)

March 26th

Sad day…no March 26th babies.

March 27th

  • Courtney Allen (no twitter)
  • Debra Olinde (no twitter)
  • Shannon Cook (no twitter)
  • Shelly Lenzi @shellenz

March 28th

  • Kelly Reith @kmrfloral
  • Monica Hoersch

 March 29th

  • Jenny Rebscher @iffyinthedark
  • Lesley Valentine-Anand

March 30th

  • Susan Thorton @sthor49
  • Alicia Schaefer @MyVeryOwn50
  • Kristen Foster @kdf330
  • Philonise Jennings (no twitter)
  • Marsi Yount (no twitter)
  • Donelly Worthington (no twitter)

March 31st

  • Sally Darlo (no twitter)

So there is our list of Outlandish March!!  Make sure to check every day so we can make sure everyone gets love on their birthday.

The winner of the Outlandish Birthday Present will be announced on April 1st! And this month’s prize is a box set of the first four Outlander books.

Screen Shot 02-28-15 at 10.15 AM


One more thing…I’m a human, so if I got your name or twitter or date wrong, just let me know and I’ll fix it.  Also if you aren’t here and you sent your info, let me know and I’ll get you added!

Happy Birthday to you all.  Celebrate like the Sassenachs you are!! (But maybe don’t drink as much as Claire or Cait … not a lot of us have that strong a constitution 😛 )




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I'm a reader of books, writer of tales, dabbler of .. things. I'm also an avid TV watcher, have been since M.A.S.H. first aired ...(that was a long time ago). I've been to the Berlin Wall (when it still was a wall), shaken hands with Ronald Reagan, and lived in Puerto Rico...among other fascinating things, and I ain't done yet.
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