February Outlandish Birthdays

It’s time for the February Birthdays… but first things first:



Jahna Berry @lovebug75 on Twitter.  Congrats Jahna!!

This is what she won. Thanks to our own Barbara Henderson for creating this stunning cowl for the Outlandish Birthday Present.

jan birthday present


Now, on to the February celebrations!  We wish you all a fantastic birthday MONTH (because really, who doesn’t want to celebrate their birthday all month).

I’ve listed Twitter handles for those who had them so that on their actual birthday we can all load up their timelines with birthday love. If you don’t have Twitter (or even if you do) you can also join the Outlandish Birthday Club on Facebook.  You can also follow us on Twitter.

Those without Twitter, we love you too and your name is listed here for all to see and we encourage comments wishing everyone some birthday love!

If you’re not here and you’d like to be, email me at outlandishbirthdays@gmail.com.

Outlandish February Birthdays:

February 1st

  • Gayle Smith (no Twitter)

February 2nd

  • Martha Joynt @museumgrlmarty
  • Anne Krentz @AnneKrentz
  • Nina Covarrubias @tianinamadrina

February 3rd

  • Christine Helmuth @attackkarma
  • Emma Bailey @dilemma95
  • Patricia White (no twitter)

February 4th

  • Kathy Penner @kapenner
  • Karen Murray (no twitter)
  • Sheree Negus (no twitter)

February 5th

  • Brenda McNeff (no twitter)
  • Tamantha Brooks (no twitter)
  • Kim Olsa @OlsaKim

February 6th

  • Becca Wolfe (no twitter)
  • Linda DeHaven (no twitter)
  • Linda Mahoney (no twitter)
  • Angela Rose @angela_rose06
  • Jen Graham @JenGrahamGLTC

February 7th

  • Blair Grigg @Katherineislay
  • Sabrina Mordini @sabrinamordini

February 8th

  • Rona Carroll @ronacny
  • Kim Healy (no twitter)
  • Jenny McDonald (no twitter)
  • Linda Hurst  @LindaInBreezy
  • Angela Jones @acbmjones

February 9th

  • Gilian Jones @jagjones1
  • Leanne Henwood-Adam @Leanne0209

February 10th

  • Dawn Emrys (no twitter)
  • Lynn Trent @MacDonald_LM
  • Toni Galloway @tgalls
  • Kelly Atkinson (no twitter)
  • Cathy McRae @mymindrebels
  • Caroline Dyck @CaroDyck

February 11th

  • Nina Hobbs @nh58585
  • Raelene Sawyer (no twitter)
  • Elise Dirlam (no twitter)

February 12th

  • Nani Tristan @NaniTristan

February 13th

  • Barbara Besold (no twitter)

February 14th

sad day no Valentines Babies 😦

February 15th

  • Tammy Manning  @TammyCAPA5
  • Kimberly Powers @kimmieP71
  • Debbie Hall @nannytwoto

February 16th

  • Donna Sikes @dssikes73
  • Nora Kildahl (no twitter)
  • Susan Brouwer @suze216
  • Peggy Ullman Bell @noveleagle

February 17th

  • Melissa Stevens @Meliphyre
  • Beth Campbell Stoney (no twitter)
  • Pat Elliott (no twitter)
  • Jessie Guyon (no twitter)
  • Maria Felix
  • Joanne Lullio-Morris @jiggajo
  • Jo Anne Bierly @joeybierly

February 18th

  • Billie Herrington (no twitter)


February 19th

  • Jeanette McCabe (no twitter)
  • Julia Figueroa @kit8790
  • Colleen Byrnes Park (no twitter)
  • Jan Hertz (no twitter)

February 20th

  • Jan Fenwick (no twitter)
  • Carolyn Blizzard @CMBlizzard
  • Linda Gipson (no twitter)

February 21st

  • Laura Sacharanski @alainnlaur

February 22nd

  • Lisa Viger @MasonsNanSC
  • Loretta Englishman @ LENGLISHMAN
  • Cindy Walker  (no twitter)
  • Katie Wolowiec (no twitter)

February 23rd

  • Beth Blanchard @miabama

February 24th

  • Hilary Nina @hillarynina
  • Romie Del Rio Daher @rdelriodaher
  • Robin @rbebolong
  • Marianne Thaarup (no twitter)

February 25th

  • Janie Glerum @Janie_G
  • Jennifer LeVine @jenniferlevine
  • Jan Lynch @lynch_jan25

February 26th

  • Shasta Anderson

February 27th

  • Mary Sledden (no twitter)
  • Lori Brtis (no twitter)
  • Heidi Young @Hi_D_Ho
  • Karin O’Brien @kapo273

February 28th

  • Diana Wilde @diadog
  • Fanci Berndt  (no twitter)


So there is our list of Outlandish February!!  Make sure to check every day so we can make sure everyone gets love on their birthday.

The winner of the Outlandish Birthday Present will be announced on March 1st! And this month’s prize is a DIA inspired locket made by our own Barbara Henderson.


feb prize

One more thing…I’m a human, so if I got your name or twitter or date wrong, just let me know and I’ll fix it.  Also if you aren’t here and you sent your info, let me know and I’ll get you added!

Happy Birthday to you all.  Celebrate like the Sassenachs you are!! (But maybe don’t drink as much as Claire or Cait … not a lot of us have that strong a constitution 😛 )




About Dede Taylor

I'm a reader of books, writer of tales, dabbler of .. things. I'm also an avid TV watcher, have been since M.A.S.H. first aired ...(that was a long time ago). I've been to the Berlin Wall (when it still was a wall), shaken hands with Ronald Reagan, and lived in Puerto Rico...among other fascinating things, and I ain't done yet.
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4 Responses to February Outlandish Birthdays

  1. I have been trying to join the birthday club. I can’t find anywhere to enter my info. I am on face book, no twitter. Please let me know how to enter. My birthday is on feb. 18.


  2. I got my cowl today and it’s so soft and gorgeous! I was so afraid because I have no neck it wouldn’t look good on me but I was SO wrong! It’s gorgeous and if I knew how to post a pic here I would. I posted on @OutlandishBirth so see it there.

    Thank you again Dede for making this happen and Barb for making such a beautiful piece of art because that it what it truly is!

    Jahna (lovebug75)


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