Outlander Question Of The Week: Choices

Last night fans everywhere were treated to the opening scene of Episode 9 of Outlander. We all have been chomping at the bit for anything new Outlander related and we waited all week for it. It was well worth the wait as we finally get to hear things from Jamie’s point of view and it makes for a very nice change.

In case no one saw the video I will post it here for your viewing and hearing pleasure. I am quite sure that you all won’t mind watching it a few more thousand times!

I was beyond thrilled that we as viewers and readers of the series get to hear Jamie’s point of view because it makes for a nice little spin. In the opening scene, we hear Jamie talking about paths and choices and how those choices made him a man (and what a man he is) and of course it got me thinking about choices I have made in my life.


I have a college degree in Applied Science in Paralegal Studies and I had my life all mapped out or so I thought anyway. I was a good student,made good grades and the Dean’s List, and arned several awards. I admit to being a little too cocky or self-confident that I would find a job directly out of college. When I look back now, I wonder if I could have made better choices. For example, if I would have made the choice to take the unpaid internship versus the paid in order to gain more experience in my chosen field. I worked at lesser paying jobs until the market for a paralegal opened up in my area as I did not want to move from my town to the big city of Chicago where I did not know anyone at the time. This was yet another choice I made, comfort over financial security.

Well, time went on as time always does and then my mother became ill with one thing after another it seems and I had yet another choice before me. This choice was the easiest of them all, to take care of my mother, no matter what! It has been a long, hard road but I don’t regret the decision I made to take care of her full time. She is better now, for the most part but she will never be able to walk without the aid of a walker ever again and everything from her blood sugar to her blood pressure has to be monitored. After three major surgeries and one minor and monthly trips for her treatments, things are looking up. We recently moved to a smaller more quiet town, yet another choice that had to be made and we shall see where it takes us.

So after my long winded tale, do you have any choices you made that you regret or wish you had done things differently or did those choices (like Jamie mentioned) make you the man or woman you are today?

That has been the question of the week and until next time, as Casey Kasem used to say “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars”

About Nymerias

I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these2 two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Game of Thrones, Supernatural,Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander, Once Upon A Time, The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.
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