Outlander Question of the Week: GIMMIE THAT DRESS!

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It’s Sunday, time for the Outlander Question of the Week. This week is basically a love letter to Terry Dresbach and her design team at Outlander.


Everything about the costuming of this show has been just delicious. And not just the stuff that is right in front of our faces.. Claire, Jamie, Dougal etc. But everything.  She, like Diana, is genius at storytelling. Genius at making you feel as if you are watching someone’s life happen. The costumes are amazing and you can tell that everything from concept to design to finished product is done with a genuine love for the art of design and for this story.


Great care is taken to be as authentic as possible and I believe she and her team have succeeded, all the way down to the undies …even the ones from France.

Creating a world on TV is much different than doing it in a book. A writer puts their imagination on a page and the reader mixes it with their own and voilà you are THERE.

TV and movies are different because the costume designer has to get you to believe in just their imagination and sometimes that clashes with YOUR imagination and just sends you back into reality with a jarring CRASH!

Terry and her team have taken us by the hand and walked us quietly into the world of Outlander. You can feel the corsets (and are happy that you are not required to wear one). The kilts are exactly as you imagine them to be and just like in the real 18th century Highlands, each man wears his in the way that is most comfortable for him.


Nothing feels out of place or wrong. You just feel like you have taken a trip through the stones with Claire and everything is as it should be.

So, the question of the week is this … what is your favorite piece of clothing from the show so far. I think you can guess mine, and a close second is Claire’s undies from the wedding episode.

Thank you to Terry and her team for making us all want to wear 47 layers and a corset! Brilliant job and I’m looking forward to many more seasons of Outlander costuming yumminess!!

Here is a link to Terry’s blog that has links to some of the costumes, organized by character.

I’m looking forward to see what Terry does with Claire at King Louis’s Court … also the other ladies at court because… well chains and nipples and birds and whatnot.


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I'm a reader of books, writer of tales, dabbler of .. things. I'm also an avid TV watcher, have been since M.A.S.H. first aired ...(that was a long time ago). I've been to the Berlin Wall (when it still was a wall), shaken hands with Ronald Reagan, and lived in Puerto Rico...among other fascinating things, and I ain't done yet.
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10 Responses to Outlander Question of the Week: GIMMIE THAT DRESS!

  1. Well, isn’t that completely lovely of you!! Thank you so much. – Terry Dresbach


  2. Cathy brown says:

    I love them all! But am most impressed that on this show, people are allowed do something about the cold. On so many shows, the characters wear indoor suitable clothing only. If they go outside into the freezing cold, they have a coat on, but it is never done up, there are no hats and no mittens and no appropriate footwear. In the Outlander universe, Terry has given the characters hats, hand Warner’s, capes and even just small cowls to cover Claire’s cleavage. These really existed, but other less authentic shows would have had Claire bouncing about the countryside with her cleavage always on display. Three cheers and raise a glass for true realism! Way to go Terry!

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  3. Peggy S. says:

    The wedding dress is my favorite of all the dresses. I have to say that I do enjoy all the little added details. The fingerless gloves, the shawls and cowls. The small details make a huge difference and Terry is THE CostumeDesigherWoman!


  4. Becca says:

    The authenticity of the clothing has amazed here. Have read much historical fiction pre outlander and have never felt like I wanted to step into Claire’s shoes let alone wrap myself in Jamie’s kilt (not in a sexual way either..it just looks cozy). I was going to post that I adore Claire’s wedding dress and I do but love even more the undergarment that was last to come off. So simple and sensual at the same time. Perfect for a warm summer’s day and a tease as to what’s to come.

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  5. mlr548 says:

    I just love the costumes all of them from Jamie and Claire to donas the horse have you noticed even the saddles and blankets including the bed linen if you can call it that in the wedding episode it was fur, is authentic
    anyway I remember a big blog Terry wrote about buttons even a lowly button has come under their eyes .Perfect just perfect can’t wait till they hit france


  6. The green plaid dress with the big shawl collar is my favorite, along with the amazing wedding dress, of course! The green plaid dress to which I’m referring was the one Claire was wearing at the saint’s spring.

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  7. Scanbrit says:

    Even more than the wedding dress, I love the cape over it. It symbolizes the care of JAMMF and the Fraser clan and is removed for him to see the splendor of her charms (for she, ‘…who is mine’ ) His wedding outfit also feels symbolic, as his plaid is loosely draped and pinned in a ceremonial way, over his right arm. She is truly joining the tribe.

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  8. Joyce Lookabaugh says:

    Thanks for writing what we all feel about Terry and her talented costume team. Every single piece of clothing, button and accessory has been meticulously portrayed. It’s fair to say the costumes have elevated our favorite story just as much as the superb writing, phenomenal acting and breathtaking scenery of Scotland. I could not imagine the show without Terry’s creative insight and love of telling a story through authenticity. And just think…we have season 2 yet to drool over as well! Way to go Terry & team – I am humbled by your magnificence.

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  9. Leslie says:

    My favorite is the wedding dress, all the details and the amount of work that must have gone in to the making of it, makes it my favorite. Although, all the others are fantastic and very authentic to the times.

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