Outlander Queston of the Week: You’re My Best Friend

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It’s Sunday, time for the Outlander Question of the Week.

Today we’re going to talk about friendship.  Best friends specifically.  I used an image of Rupert and Angus, or as I like to call them – Rupus because I think they embody “best friends”.

First they crack me up, and they crack each other up. They are more like brothers than friends. They have each other’s back (except when it comes to the lassies, then it’s every man for himself). they spend a lot of time insulting one another, but I wouldn’t try that if I were you.

So, the question today is…who is your best friend? The one you can tell anything to and know that they will listen without judging. The one who is willing to try the crazy with you and even encourages your crazy.  The one who tells you the truth, even if you don’t really want to hear it.  The one who tells you, YES your butt looks big in those pants, but WHO CARES! The one who sits up with you all night and lets you cry when your heart is broken and never once says I told you so.

Mine is a woman named Nicole. She and are certain we are related somehow. We think alike .. we are the same kind of crazy, (don’t tell her I said this, but she’s crazier than I am) we like the same TV shows, but not always the same boys, which generally works out well. We know each other’s little weirdo things, like for instance I know if I get a present from her it’s going to have a whole roll of tape on it and I should just get used to that. She knows if she gets a present from me… not to assume that the box it’s in has anything whatsoever to do with what’s actually IN the box.

She loves me no matter what, and I feel the same for her. We disagree, we fight, but in the end I’d stand in front of a bullet for her and wage war on those who would cause her harm.

She has made my life funnier, more coloful, and full of British actors and I don’t know what I’d do without her.

So, tell me about YOUR best friend and how your life has been enriched by them.

About Dede Taylor

I'm a reader of books, writer of tales, dabbler of .. things. I'm also an avid TV watcher, have been since M.A.S.H. first aired ...(that was a long time ago). I've been to the Berlin Wall (when it still was a wall), shaken hands with Ronald Reagan, and lived in Puerto Rico...among other fascinating things, and I ain't done yet.
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5 Responses to Outlander Queston of the Week: You’re My Best Friend

  1. Michele says:

    My best friend is my husband of 25 years. While you may know marriage ebbs and flows, a foundation of friendship well before we even dated has seen us through. He is honest, patient, forgiving and a calming part of my life. He is also a fantastic father. I have had wonderful girl friends for sure. Their own marriages, lives, moving away have made us not as close as we once were. Now, I have more female aquaintences than best friends: Girlfriends with whom I can go to lunch or for drinks, but not much more. I do long for my friend Monica with whom I I went to Scotland a couple summers ago. She was married a month ago to a great guy so she has been understandably unavailable.


  2. MARIA FELIX says:

    My best friend is my daughter. Crazy as it seems she is always there for me, never judges, listens, gives me her point of view.


  3. Through my 40 years (sorry -practicing writing that) I’ve had many close friends but few best friends.

    Now I’m lucky to say I have several and they each bring something unique to the table.

    M in NC was my first “sister”. If it were for her I wouldn’t have had Thanksgiving or Christmas two years in a row. She has often been my heart.

    M in MI is one of my longest friends. We’ve known each other for 21 years. We skipped a few years in there but once we picked back up it’s like we never left off. She’s my monthly dinner partner.

    C in GA is my cousin and younger by 8 years. She’s my laughter. When all I want to do is cry. She makes me laugh until I do!

    A in AZ is my truth. Not that they all won’t tell me the truth but she always gives it to me straight up. I just wish it was followed with a good drink once in a while.

    Then we have J in IN.. She is my soul sister. I swear we are twins born to different mother’s 4 months apart.
    We were also born with the same rare birth defect so she, more than most, understands me in levels on one else can.
    She is my laughter, my shoulder to cry on, my conscious, my truth. She never judges and I tell her things then think ” OMG I just said that”.
    We talk every day for hours about everything. I don’t know what I’d do without her in my life now that we’ve found each other. We joke if only one of us was a man and she was single!
    We have our own interests that we introduce each other to but we have a ton in common!!

    I’ve been blessed with friends. I just wish we all lived closer. On my M in MI and I are close enough to see each other.

    Someday I’d love to het my girls in a hotel for a weekend.


  4. Man sorry for the spelling/auto correct mistakes…


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