Outlander Question of the Week: When Bad Things Go Good

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This week’s question is all about situational perception. When Claire first fell through the stones, all she could think about was how to get back home, to her own time and her husband.

Even after marrying a hot highlander who was a virgin, but no a monk, she still kept trying to get home. I mean after all, hot highlanders are nice and all, but could you really give up the hot baths?

But eventually Claire comes to the conclusion that she is home, that this is now her time and Jamie is the husband she loves. Situation hasn’t changed, she’s still out of time, still looked upon with suspicion by pretty much everyone but Jamie and his family, still no hot baths or soft beds, but she’s staying put.

So my question this week is this:  Has there ever been a situation that at first you perceived as possibly the WORST thing ever, and then one thing changed (for Claire that thing was her love for Jamie) and suddenly the same situation and circumstances are suddenly the exact right thing for you and your life?

I’m interested to hear your stories so .. hit the comments 🙂

Oh and there are only… 90 Days to new Outlander 🙂

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About Dede Taylor

I'm a reader of books, writer of tales, dabbler of .. things. I'm also an avid TV watcher, have been since M.A.S.H. first aired ...(that was a long time ago). I've been to the Berlin Wall (when it still was a wall), shaken hands with Ronald Reagan, and lived in Puerto Rico...among other fascinating things, and I ain't done yet.
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5 Responses to Outlander Question of the Week: When Bad Things Go Good

  1. thequeen8118 says:

    Dede- This past year I was suddenly confronted with the idea that I had to move from where I had been for the last 5 years. My husband and I had been renting a home in a city that we had both grown up in and where I’ve been a teacher for the last 27 years. My husband and I had been dabbling with the idea of possibly finding a smaller place to live, now that all of our children were grown and on their own. One day my neighbor came out and told me that the house we’d been renting was in foreclosure. I felt so betrayed, confused, angry…. and terrified about finding a new place to live. I couldn’t sleep, I was so sick to think about where I’d go, how we’d find a place that would allow our dogs. You know the regular concerns. All for naught… for in the midst of that turbulence came this sudden liberating freedom that we would find something and we did. We found a winter rental, RIGHT ON THE OCEAN in the same city we’ve lived in. We sold all of our furniture, put that money into a short term IRA to make some money and are now awaking every morning looking out over the Atlantic Ocean and watching the sun rise and the glory of the day!! Still had to move, still faced with the situation of moving but somewhere in the midst I realized that where I lived didn’t matter as much as who I was with. ❤ Thanks for a great question!!
    Slàinte mhath!
    Mary Turnage


  2. Sandra Ward says:

    Dede – always in retrospect – when you can see more clearly, free of emotion. Great question.


  3. Donna says:

    I married when I was 31 had a beautiful son a year later. My now ex and I divorced after 12 years of marriage, we both grew up in NY but moved to Arizona about 7 years before the divorce. I had worked all my life since I was 18 and only stopped to be home to raise my son. Well when he asked for a divorce I wasnt working I was completely Gob smacked by it. So he just picked himself up and left me and his son with nothing. Well i picked myself up wrote a resume a week later had a wonderful job that turned into a career, had health insurance bought house and now am surrounded by wonderful friends I wouldnt have known if he didnt leave and have a new special someone and him and I travel and enjoy each others company and he is alot like Jamie. We both dont want to do the marriage thing again so we get together when we want and I like that i can have that and still enjoy my solitude. The best of both worlds and I am extremely happy and thankful.


  4. trarecar says:

    Nice! Besides a divorce which ended up freeing me to marry a truly great man, I can’t think of anything. Kudos on the beach house!


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