January Outlandish Birthdays

It is a shiny new month in a shiny new year.  Here at Outlander Dreaming we wanted to do some things that included you and create a community of Outlandish Outlander fans who celebrate each other. And to that end we started the Outlandish Birthday Club.

This is the list of Outlanders with birthdays in January.  We wish you all a fantastic birthday MONTH (because really, who doesn’t want to celebrate their birthday all month).

I’ve listed twitter handles for those who had them so that on their actual birthday we can all load up their timelines with birthday love.

Those without twitter, we love you too and your name is listed here for all to see and we encourage comments wishing everyone some birthday love!

If you’re not here and you’d like to be, email me at outlandishbirthdays@gmail.com.

Outlandish January Birthdays:

January 1st

  • Stormy Pippin (no twitter)
  • Sam Moore @sami69
  • Jamie Campbell @JamiesRule
  • Gayle Valle-Blake @gayle1154
  • Vickie Miller-Pence @WanderinMuse
  • Kim Sturge (no twitter)
  • Glory MacTavish @GloryMacTavish

January 2nd

  • Wajoma Smith @WajomaS

January 3rd

  • Kim Kovacs @kim_kovacs

January 4th

  • Graham McTavish (our very own Dougal MacKenzie) @grahammctavish
  • Hannah Murray @leftwrightout
  • Kathe Sadler-Wright (no twitter)

January 5th

  • Hope Boune’ (no twitter)

January 6th

  • Rusti Acevedo (no twitter)

January 7th

  • Kelly Johnson Altman (no twitter)

January 8th

  • Carla Radouani  @at RadCarlaWho

January 9th

  • KD Grace (no twitter)
  • Sandra Harlow @sandysho9

January 10th

  • Tina Shumate (no twitter)
  • Ronda Roberts @rjr0110
  • Nichole Padda (no twitter)

January 11th

  • Diana Gabaldon (‘Tis Herself) @Writer_DG
  • Jennifer Woods (Outlander Dreaming Staff) @gingerylocks
  • Jenny Speaker (no twitter)

January 12th

  • Gina Adams @ginamichelle
  • Kristen Leigh (no twitter)
  • Candy White (no twitter)
  • Brittany Graham (no twitter)

January 13th

  • Leonela Torres (no twitter)
  • Taraneh Varasteh Quinn (no twitter)
  • Stacey Malcolm @staceymalcolm
  • Brenda Sutton (no twitter)

January 14th

  • Jana Wirth @janawirth10
  • Shelly Ruiz (no twitter)

January 15th

  • Klaudia Was  @adorefrary

January 16th

  • Christy Clawson MacWilliam @ChristyClawson
  • Lynn Artz @fnceyrpool
  • Traci Canestrale @cfraser1010
  • Amanda Oliver (no twitter)

January 17th

  • Diane Chapman @DkayCee
  • Rebecca Sigg @becks11776

January 18th

  • Karen Lott @klott226
  • Cyndee Martin @unleashedbear

January 19th

  • Tracy Molnar  @TracyMolnar
  • Ingrid Dien @IngridDnF
  • Susan Targrove @SusanTargrove

January 20th

  • Lou Sims (no twitter)
  • Jennifer Kveton @ladygodivajk

January 21st

  • Annica Asp
  • Sue Schlnner
  • Kat Lampkins

January 22nd

  • Catriona Biss (no twitter)
  • Mandy Whelan  @burkey71
  • Christina Campagnone  @ChristinaC2385
  • Vivian Hum (no twitter)
  • Suzanne Whittaker (no twitter)
  • Angela Nicole (no twitter)
  • Maria Torres @mariamdaza

January 23rd

  • Lupe Pariga  @ParigaLupe
  • Sue Lloyd Tufts (no twitter)
  • Deanna Miller (no twitter)
  • Katrina De la Cruz ( no twitter)
  • Erika Schulten  @erikaschulten
  • Ellen Osti @EllenOsti
  • Stephanie Doyle @sad2quilts

January 24th

  • Liz Thrift (no twitter)
  • Betsy Grugin (no twitter)

January 25th

  • Mary C. Murtagh (no twitter)
  • Barb Lieberman @Seeds2Inspire
  • Shawn Patten (no twitter)

January 26th

  • Kim Guthrie @kmguth126
  • Aubrey Rosa  @juney126
  • Jen Stach (no twitter)
  • Claire Bacon @claireb366

January 27th

  • Stacie Janecki  @buffy1sj
  • Jahna Berry  @ lovebug75
  • Sydney Fidler (no twitter)

January 28th

  • Becky Wright  @bpalmer0
  • Sare Fisher  @sare28spurs

January 29th

  • Lisa Ceniceros (no twitter)
  • Susanne Behrmann @papagena_ol
  • Leigh Adams @leighinva
  • Barbara Schatt
  • Melissa Young @Meli12529

January 30th

  • Laura Tapias (no twitter)
  • Geannine Ott  @geannine3

January 31st

  • Beatrix Wegen @Beatrix1962


So there is our list of Outlandish January Babies!!  Make sure to check every day so we can make sure everyone gets love on their birthday.

The winner of the Outlandish Birthday Present will be announced on February 1st!

One more thing…I’m a human, so if I got your name or twitter or date wrong, just let me know and I’ll fix it.  Also if you aren’t here and you sent your info, let me know and I’ll get you added!

Happy Birthday to you all.  Celebrate like the Sassenachs you are!! (But maybe don’t drink as much as Claire or Cait … not a lot of us have that strong a constitution 😛 )


Thanks to our own Barbara Henderson for creating this stunning cowl for the Outlandish Birthday Present.  One lucky Club member will win this at the end of the month!

jan birthday present

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  1. anafraserlallybroch says:

    Reblogged this on Ana Fraser Lallybroch Blog.


  2. Becca says:

    Have an outlandishly wonderful day.


  3. April Steele says:

    Happy birthday Outlandish lads and lassies! Dede, you’re awesome! ❤


  4. Lynn Artz says:

    Hi Dede!! Could you add me? i am Jan 16. @fnceyrpool


  5. Jo Anne Hissem says:



  6. Cheryl says:

    What a wonderful Idea! I can’t wait til June!


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