Outlander Question of the Week: A Thank You

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So, Christmas is just a couple days away and I decided that rather than ask a question, I’d say thank you.

During WWII, Claire was separated from Frank and lived everyday with the very real possibility that one or both of them would never make it home. But they did their duty and fought back the tide of evil the Nazis brought to the world, and then lived with the things they saw and did for the rest of their lives.

Claire ended up in two more wars, and never ran from what needed to be done, that is the true measure of a hero.

There are men and women serving in the Armed Forces, not just from the US but from many countries this Christmas.  They are away from their families and are loved and terribly missed. They are amazing people, and I wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you to them all.

I also know that there are those who not only will miss this Christmas, but will never get to go home. Their sacrifice for their countries and freedom is something a lot of us will never fully understand and they deserve our thanks and respect, as do their families.

My father Sgt. Major Jim Taylor and grandfather Sgt. Jim Taylor.  were both in the United States Army and both war veterans and their service makes me so proud to have been a daughter and granddaughter to them. They are both dead now, and I miss them both very much, but their lives were filled with purpose, service, and love.  Love for their families, their country, and of freedom and liberty.

So, no question this week, just a thank you.

I hope to see the comments filled with the names of YOUR loved ones who are serving and are far away this Christmas, and of those who gave their full measure.


About Dede Taylor

I'm a reader of books, writer of tales, dabbler of .. things. I'm also an avid TV watcher, have been since M.A.S.H. first aired ...(that was a long time ago). I've been to the Berlin Wall (when it still was a wall), shaken hands with Ronald Reagan, and lived in Puerto Rico...among other fascinating things, and I ain't done yet.
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13 Responses to Outlander Question of the Week: A Thank You

  1. Sandra Ward says:

    Thank you for this. A life of service is a worthwhile life. My father and all his 4 brothers served in the military durng WWII. Cousins in Vietnam. I lost many classmates in Vietnam. I am forever grateful to those who serve in the military and in other capacities to make our world brighter for us all. My Dad came into the Army as a private, was sent to Officer’s Candidate School and left the war a Captain. He fought in France and Germany and was one who liberated Aushwitz. It takes so much to selflessly serve. Many return with scars you are unable to see. I am proud of our loved ones who served and continue to do so. Merry Christman and a Happy Holiday Season to all.


  2. pamraver says:

    Thank you, Dede. I think of my father who fought in North Africa and Italy before being shot down at Normandy on D-Day. Those injuries brought him home a bit earlier than others, but he lived with the physical and psychological scars the rest of his life. Even so, he never questioned the sacrifices he made to stop the evil of fascists. I’ll remember this Christmas, along with you, these wonderful men and women who gave their all in that conflict.


  3. My Dad served two tours in the US Navy during Vietnam, three of my Mom’s brothers served in the Army during Vietnam and my great uncle served under General Patton in WWII. Thank you to all who sacrifice and serve! Great post. xxx


  4. Cathy Brown says:

    My grandfather was a prisoner of war in Germany during World War II. Although I never knew him, my mother says he was never the same when he came home, the war and all it’s horrors stayed with him until an early death from heart disease. Thank you to all who serve.


  5. Roz says:

    I have nothing but thanks to and admiration for all those who serve their countries to keep us safe, not only those in the armed forces but also those in public services like the police. While I had two uncles who served in WW2, my own father was engaged on what was termed important war work, involving the design of propellers, and was exempted from active service. My grandparents had been immigrants to the UK from Russia and Poland, who had fled the anti-Semitic pogroms there. My late father in law did serve on active duty, not just in WW2 but also in Korea.


  6. Judy says:

    My Daughter is serving in the Canadian Air Force and is posted to Europe for a few years. We are very proud of her service to our country.


  7. Cheryl says:

    My grandfather was i WWI. One uncle in WWII another uncle in Vietnam. My son in law is in the army now. He is a career soldier. He is just back from Afghanistan. I pray for him every day.


  8. My father in law was a Pearl Harbor Survivor and fought during the Korean War. He was a quiet man who spoke very little about his experiences but thanks to a program that sent students around to record survivors histories we have been able to learn about them in his own words. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those serving throughout this world. We owe those who have volunteered to keep us safe a debt that can never be paid.


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