Ah, Love…

Sorry for the long, long duration between my posts; this Droughtlander has made a mincemeat pie of my Outlander blog posting inspiration.

But this blog posting is titled ‘Ah, Love…’. I know, I know. Christmas certainly isn’t the ‘official’ season of love, at least according to the Hallmark stores. I could go on and on about what I believe this season has turned into but that’s not why I’m here. What has me thinking about love?

Ah, love…

I’m going to blame the novel I’m listening to. I’m about a fourth of the way through the unabridged version of Voyager for the VERY first time (yep, I’m a Voyager virgin). I fell INSTANTLY in love with the Starz series and it spurred me to read the novels. I read the first two novels but, after finding a sale on Audible.com for the first four unabridged novels for $3.99 apiece, I decided to listen to the next novel instead of reading it.

This recording is 45 hours long! I’m getting restless at places because I’m a gal of action. Just when I’m about to put down the iPod…


Something happens and I’m into it once again. What a way to keep the reader on edge…

(shhh…don’t tell me what happens! I’m not done listening!!)

As I read (or listen) through the novels of Outlander, I’m struck with the various themes, categories, shades and degrees of love that ebb and flow throughout. Lovers. Parents. Friends. What Could Have Been. What Was. What Is.  And, of course, there’s always Jamie and Claire.  Jamie and Claire, the definitive love throughout the series.

But, as I listen to Voyager, I’ve begun giving serious thought to one of the other characters, minor in comparison to Jamie and Claire. (though yes I do know this minor character has his own series of books; one series at a time!  I’ll get to them…eventually!!)  I’ll do my best not to give anything away, as there may be people who are reading this that haven’t read the book yet, but his name is Lord John William Grey. He is introduced in Dragonfly in Amber (book 2) and we’re reintroduced to him in this book. Lord Grey has led a very active, and pain-filled, life; this seems to be common for the citizens of the earth in the 18th century, or, at least, the citizens of the British Isles. But how is Lord Grey, and not Jamie and Claire, inspiring me to think of love?  The love that Lord Grey’s made me think of is the unrequited, and even the lost, loves in my life.  Jamie and Claire is the love we want to END UP with; the love we want to DIE with; Lord Grey’s is the kind we usually suffer through to GET to J/C, if we are ever fortunate enough to experience it.

In my life, one in particular love comes to mind.  I was a wee lassie of about 11 and he was in my class. Blonde hair. Green eyes. Tall. Smart. You know the kind. I hadn’t ever had a boyfriend before; back when I was 10, 11, 12, boyfriends and girlfriends weren’t seen as important as those titles seem to be for the 10, 11, 12 year old kids nowadays. He gave me my first ‘kiss’ (really, it was just a peck on the cheek because I was too shy to let him touch my lips) but what a thrill for the 11 year old that I was. But, after that peck on the cheek, he seemed to ignore me. Maybe I wasn’t cool enough. Smart enough. Maybe I was loud and obnoxious like I tend to be. Or maybe we were 11 years old and romance wasn’t foremost on our minds.  But, even now, 25 years later, there are echoes of that unrequited love. Or maybe it was echoes of the rejection? I went on to high school with him; he lived in my neighborhood; I passed his house on the way to school. And things were never quite the same. I was always rather uneasy with him, knowing that echoes of those feelings (now that I think about it, I think it was the rejection I felt) lingered. The echoes, no matter how faint, influenced later decisions, good or bad. I still liked him but nothing ever, even in high school, came to be.


In this unconventional season of love, do you sometimes think about those you loved before? Those that rejected you? Has the aftermath influenced you and your decisions? And are you amazed, like I am, how a character in a novel, who seemingly shares absolutely no traits with you whatsoever, can touch you so deeply, other than they have/had gone through exactly what you did?

Oh and I just want to leave this pretty here.  We all need a little pretty during Droughtlander.  🙂



Hugs, kisses and holiday cheer!!


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I try to stay very busy: knitting, crocheting, reading, writing. I love British TV, movies; mysteries and true crime/historical.
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One Response to Ah, Love…

  1. trarecar says:

    Just now seeing this post! Beautiful. 🙂 Yes, of course. I do think often of a boy I loved in high school, of what would have happened if I had just blurted out the words “I love you” when we were standing side by side, looking out a window together, both of us obviously thinking of something but neither of us speaking. I never said it because I was afraid. And who knows what he was thinking? LOL But I do regret letting that moment pass, even though almost thirty years have passed.


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