My Big Fat Outlander Blog Party


Tonight is Halloween, or Samhain 2014 to suit our Outlander Blog Party. Since everyone generally wears a costume to a party, I decided I would go with my old standby, my toga costume. It was really a Cleopatra type dress, made of a faux gold material that I branded a toga but that just semantics. I bought a new one every year before our annual summer toga party, because the previous one always ended up semi-covered with jello. That’s what a girl gets for standing too close to the jello arena. It has been a while since I had to buy a new one. This was a special occasion and I wanted to wear something special.

After I put on my black Cleopatra/toga (sadly I could not find the gold one), I placed a gold band through my hair to keep it off my forehead and slipped on my faux gold sandals. By the way, I have pictures of my costume so that you have an idea of what I am wearing. Now, you did not think I was actually going to reveal myself before the party, did you? Tsk! Tsk!



I am to meet my fellow bloggers at an old warehouse that the organizers are using to house our faux Craigh Na Dun, otherwise known as the standing stones. It’s been a beautiful fall day and the night ahead holds the same promise, with no rain in the forecast. All the same, I grabbed a sheer, gold wrap out of the closet and placed it around my shoulders. Since I did not live far from where the party was being held, I thought I would take advantage of the lovely, uncharacteristic weather.

I was really looking forward to the party and to meet my friends in the Outlander Community that I had been talking to for months. My thoughts made the time go by faster and before I knew it, I was at the entrance to the warehouse. I opened the door, expecting to see a bunch of people in their very best outfits, moving through the crowd of partygoers. All that could be seen were the standing stones, set in the middle of the warehouse, all lit up.

I had no idea what was going on but surely I was in the right place. What other reason for the stones? I stepped into the spotlight and that was when it happened. The wind that picked up was so fierce and strong that I had to grab on to the nearest stone to steady myself.

It was also the scariest sound I ever heard, it was as if a thousand voices were all whispering the same thing at once, yet I could not make it out. I went from stone to stone as best I could, thinking there must be a trigger button to stop the infernal wind and the awful sound it made but it only became worse the further into the circle I moved.

I had to collect myself and think of a reason, any at all, why this was happening to me? This was just supposed to be a friendly little get together where we talked about our favorite book series and show, Outlander and raise a few toasts to it throughout the night. I felt so alone and I just wanted to go home. I needed and wanted to get out of there fast.

Intending to walk out of whatever hell I now found myself in, I found myself close to the highest stone, where the whispered wind was the loudest and the strongest and I started to become more frightened. I felt rooted to the spot out of fear and I found myself slapping both my hands against that stone and that was when I fell through!

As I stumbled to the floor, I heard the roar of laughter and a hand reached out to help me up, and I hesitantly took it.
He looked at me with that beautiful smile I knew so well and said in his thick Scottish accent, ‘Are you okay, lass?’
“Yes’ I said, blushing with embarrassment and the fact that he still had a hold of my hand, “I think so but where am I?” I asked confused.

“Sorry we scared ye, lass but we like to have a bit of fun on Samhain” Sam said with a wicked grin. “Welcome to the real setting of the Outlander Blog Party”,he said, putting his arm around my shoulders, “Now let’s get you a drink while we wait to scare the next guest!”

As I joined my fellow bloggers as well as the cast and crew of Outlander, I thought to myself, “I’ve always wanted to hang out in one of my favorite fictional worlds with the folks that brought it to life”.

Diana Gabaldon later asked me if it was all I thought it would be.

My answer: “And then some”



It goes without saying that this was a work of fiction but the assignment was to share a dream and this was mine, Samhain/Outlander style. The photos were taken at Comic Con when Outlander premiered by my good friend Barbara, who is also an admin here at Outlander Dreaming. I thought they would serve my story well as the cast’s party wear! I hope you enjoyed my little tale. Happy Halloween!


About Nymerias

I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these2 two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Game of Thrones, Supernatural,Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander, Once Upon A Time, The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.
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