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As we close the book (see what I did there?) on week 2 of TWENTY SIX Outlander-less weeks and stare across the vast wasteland between now and then, I tried to think of more things to do to fill the hiatus, and stalking Sam around the planet didn’t really seem like a viable (or ya know, legal) option.

So I decided that we could do a Sunday Question of the Week.

As I was pondering what the virgin, er.. um I mean maiden…um, first question should be, I saw a post on Facebook by Diana about what gets left out of the show vs. what is there and why.  The gist of the post is that some of the things we love, while fun to see/hear aren’t really necessary to move the story forward, they just make it richer.  And while she has basically as much time and space as she likes, Ron & Co. only have about 48 minutes-ish and so everything needs to move the story forward in some way and that means some of the richer bits have to be left out for the sake of time and motion.

So, with that being said, here’s my Sunday Question (as well as my answer):

What is the scene that you most wanted to see, a scene that, if it were missing, wouldn’t stop the story, but you will (or did) definitely miss?

For me it is a moment at Sir Marcus’s house: (could be a tish spoiler-y if ye’ve no read the books, which you should totally do while you wait, and wait, and WAIT)

“I’m sorry,” I murmured once more.

The good hand pulled suddenly out of my grasp as Jamie raised himself on one elbow. Spitting out the leather gag, he regarded me with an expression between amusement and exasperation.

“Sassenach,” he said, “if you apologize each time ye hurt me, it’s going to be a verra long night–and it’s lasted some time already.”

I must have looked stricken, because he started to reach toward me, then stopped, wincing at the movement. He controlled the pain, though, and spoke firmly. “I know you dinna wish to hurt me. But you’ve no more choice about it than I have, and there’s no need for more than one of us to suffer for it. You do what’s what needed, and I’ll scream if I have to.”

Replacing the leather strip, he bared his clenched teeth ferociously at me, then slowly and deliberately crossed his eyes. This made him look so like an addlepated tiger that I burst into half-hysterical laughter before I could stop myself.

I clapped my hands over my mouth, cheeks flaming as I saw the astonished looks on the faces of Lady Annabelle and the servants, who, standing behind Jamie, naturally could see nothing of his face. Sir Marcus, who had caught a brief glimpse from his seat at the beside, grinned in his spade-shaped beard.

“Besides,” said Jamie, spitting out the leather once more, “if the English turn up after this, I expect I’ll beg them to take me back.”

I picked up the leather, put it between his teeth and pushed his head down again.

~Diana Gabaldon, Outlander

The line “you do what’s needed, and I’ll scream if I have to” has always sort of described Jamie and Claire’s relationship to me. Not just for Outlander , but over the course of their entire story.  And Jamie in the act of comforting Claire while he himself is bleeding, bruised, and broken is just so JAMIE for me.

Now, can the story move forward without this 60 seconds or so of dialogue? Yes. If it’s not there, will you know you’ve missed anything and spend the rest of the episode going “wait, what?”. No. Will having it make the story richer? YES. Will it make me happy to have it there? DOUBLE YES.

So, what’s YOUR “gotta have” scene?


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I'm a reader of books, writer of tales, dabbler of .. things. I'm also an avid TV watcher, have been since M.A.S.H. first aired ...(that was a long time ago). I've been to the Berlin Wall (when it still was a wall), shaken hands with Ronald Reagan, and lived in Puerto Rico...among other fascinating things, and I ain't done yet.
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33 Responses to Hiatus, Schmiatus

  1. titania522 says:

    My must-have scene is the one in the Abbey where Jamie has basically given up and Claire decides to fill his room with the lavender scent and provoke him to fight back against her, making him believe she is Captain Black Jack Randall. I think that is such a pivotal scene in his journey towards recovering himself (like when he describes that small part that belongs to him as now having a lean-to that keeps out the rain – that broke my heart!). I need this scene but I’m sure they can find other ways to depict it on screen.

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  2. larrouxgirl2 says:

    Love the dialogue. Have begun reading the books. I’ll still be behind by a few next week. May at least a couple of questions favor those who HAVEN’T read all the books?


  3. Nymerias says:

    Great post and excellent idea! Mine is when they are at the Abbey and she has to save him from himself. I am not going to type it out because it’s quite long IMO. Jamie had fallen into a deep depression and had lost his will to live. Claire was having none of it. What she did was brutal and could have damaged his physch even further. It was a powerful, gripping scene that worked. Will we see ALL of that, every bit of that scene? I doubt we get the whole enchilada but enough of it to feel how gripping it was.


  4. Beth Miller says:

    Missed where in the Wedding, the book Jamie does his honesty agreement comments and where he says there are three reasons he has for marrying Claire and explains what can of that. It may be that when we get to hear Jamie’s thinking in last 8 episodes as I hear does happen some of this dialogue will get covered. But the impression we currently have of Jamie for the tv series is that he did not begin to actually fall in love with Claire before the wedding night. But maybe we will find out he already had more than platonic feelings for Claire but never thought he would get to act on them because of the price on his head, the low pay as a soldier and because it appeared that Claire might still be “mourning ” for her dead husband and not want marriage. Usually when people ask other people questions like “Your husband is a lucky man” they are trying to determine the other person’s view of their marital relationship. They are interested in how their own future actions at developing a deeper relationship will be received. So I think that is a sign that the tv Jamie may be able to admit later to Claire that he had deep feelings for her earlier in their relationship. So maybe Ron just moved the comments to another episode. I hope so.


    • Dede Taylor says:

      I hope so too, but I personally think leaving it out of the wedding night was a mistake. That speech, for me anyway, sets the tone not only for that night, but for their entire relationship.

      For me, even if we get the speech at some point, it won’t have the same impact as if we had gotten it on the wedding night .. but that’s just me.


      • No, not just you. I feel exactly the same. Actually, A LOT of people feel the same.

        That line really was the foundation for their entire relationship, and saying it later in the series – which I suspect will happen – well, that moment has passed. Those words will not have the same powerful impact/meaning now. It should have been said on their wedding night.


  5. Kari says:

    Simply for me- hedgehog joke scene. So not needed to move story forward, but enjoyable & has created an “inside joke” amongst many Outlander fans.


  6. CJ Hays says:

    My favorite comes much later in the series SPOILER ALERT!
    In fact, they are in America, and Claire is kidnapped and – you guessed it! – brutally
    raped. When Jamie and his men find her, there is a battle, and many of the brutes are killed. Claire is given a knife, and the opportunity to “finish off” one of them.
    Jamie takes it from her and says, “she has an oath on her. Not to harm anyone, (paraphrasing here). It is I who must kill for her.” I read that to my husband and son
    at the time. Loved that passage, and I do hope that it’s in the series! Just another revelation into Jamie’s heart, and his undying love of Claire.

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    • Dede Taylor says:

      oh, yes I love that too!! There’s so much to love about this story, it’s hard to pick just one thing … I also want to see SPOILER ALERT:

      Jamie step up and say “Fraser, Fergus Claudell Fraser” when Fergus & Marsali marry in Voyager


  7. GinaW says:

    I am in full agreement about the respect/honesty promise that was left out of the wedding episode. I think it’ll have to make it in there somewhere later MINI SPOILER ALERT since it is pivotal for Jamie believing Claire’s story about the stones later on. It also comes up numerous times in the remainder of the series and in fact even in the final pages of MOBY. I’ve been so pleased with how well the series has captured the spirit of the source material that I really hate to nitpick, but I agree that I don’t see how it can be as powerful placed in another context.


    • Nymerias says:

      I am slightly worried about it but I do see an area where it could come about in a future episode. Spankgate comes to mind where it could come up. Before the spanking perhaps because he will wonder why she risked her life as well as his to get away so badly. I think this is where we will hear it and then people can be Pissed off that he spanks her backside afterwards. Preparing myself for #spankgate


      • Dede Taylor says:

        I know right? There are going to be so many people losing their you-know-what over that .. but meh, it’s never bothered me as much as it does other people. I take in context and seriously, she’s lucky that it was up to Jamie and not Dougal. Dougal would have just left her butt at Ft. William. lol

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        • Nymerias says:

          It bothered me at first because I am a grown woman, not a child who needs disciplined.

          Then I saw it from his POV and the era in which they were in. The boys would not have stood for Jamie’s wife having any kind of upper hand. He had to go to a place he never wanted to see ever again. Plus face the man (risking his life) who viciously flogged him and got off on it.

          I understand the problem people had with it, they saw it as abuse which I hold a different view of.


      • GinaW says:

        Yes, I was thinking post-BJR rescue. SPOILER ALERT: I know a lot of folks get het up about Spankgate! It’s never troubled me overly much, but will be interested to see how it plays on screen. I’m pretty sure we won’t hear it as it doesn’t move the story, but would love to hear the dialogue post-Spankgate when Jamie and Claire are walking the horses to Bargrennan and he’s telling her of the beatings he received as a youth. I always loved that bit of character development!

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    • Dede Taylor says:

      I don’t think it IS nitpicking .. I think it was the first real MISTAKE they made … nothing I can do about it but have an opinion..and I do. 😛


  8. Michelle says:

    I feel sure the honesty speech will come in a future episode… either the very next episode (Reckonings) or after the witch trial when Jamie takes Claire back to Craig Na Dun. Just curious – If you are disappointed it wasn’t in the wedding episode, what would you have left out of that episode to make sure it appeared there?


  9. Gilly Hynes says:

    I don’t think enough bonding of Jamie & Claire took place Ep 8 to enable TV viewers (not the book readers) to understand the spanking scene to come and the ramifications that spread from that. It actually enables them both to draw closer together as Claire realises just what her actions caused and could have done, the explanations from Jamie about his upbringing with his father’s discipline and the revelation of the real reason BJR hurt Jamie so badly with the second flogging. Her understanding of what Jamie actually risks to save her is well on the road for Claire realising how much Jamie means to her. So with EP 8 dedicating so much time to Frank I think the TV viewer didn’t get enough of the developing relationship between Jamie & Claire. Perhaps one less scene with Frank and a montage of Jamie & Claire (similiar to the Wedding when he talks of his family) would have been better in order to prepare the viewer for what’s to come next episode.


    • Dede Taylor says:

      agreed, while I think that they are doing a wonderful job and that it would be weird for the show to completely ignore what Frank was up to, I think too much time has been spent on him at the expense of Jamie … but we shall see how things go.

      I’m still loving the show as it’s own thing and think everyone is doing a superb job, but there’s stuff I think should be there that isn’t and I ain’t scairt to say it. 🙂


  10. Gail MacDonald says:

    They Cut a lot out in production. I would love to see everything that ended up on the floor (so to speak), hopefully it will be included in the purchasable product. I also MISSED the honesty agreement, and the reason why BJ did the flogging. They are going to have to cover that issue so why leave it out? Perhaps we will see all this as flash backs.. Hope so. TV series is marvelous, but nothing can replace the written word of Diana. The only book I went back and read after seeing the movie was lonesome dove, it was totally worth it. That introduced me to mc murthy and that whole series. I hope viewers who haven’t read the book are now doing so. I’m mean it would be a great way to spend the next 6 months of WAITING! I think it was on the Ron Moore podcast which reviews every episode I heard him say that they are going to spend some time doing a voice over of Jamie so we can hear his thoughts, so maybe that is when some missing bits might pop up. Also, Jamie’s dad was at the fort and in the film when he was flogged, what happened to his dad will have to come up when he returns home and sees Jenny. Lots to look forward to, don’t know how they will get it all into 8 more episodes. Then another agonizing waiting period! And BTW can’t wait to see who plays Bree!


    • Nymerias says:

      Jamie’s voiceover will most likely be the Wentworth scenes because Claire was not there when that happened.I am really looking for to that. It will be nice to hear another POV!


  11. trarecar says:

    I wanted them to keep in the fainting bit at the wedding, because when Jamie does it in Voyager, Claire gives his words back to him, and that was such a special moment. But oh well. As for the scenes I HAVE to see, it’s got to be the scene in the grove where they stop to rest and Jamie finally asks her if she’s a witch, and she just loses it and starts to manically laugh. Pretty much every thing from there on, especially when Jamie forces Claire to put her hands on the rocks, like he doesn’t believe her. I wonder if they’re going to be able to keep that without using any special effects?


    • snarkland78 says:

      Ooooo…. yeah. I can’t wait to see how they handle the Rocks scene, and the scenes just after. Because it’s there, at the rocks, that Claire realizes just how much she loves him. That will be the gamechanger.


  12. Julie Nipperess says:

    One of my most favourite passages in ALL the books – I think it was Voyager- was the part when he was talking to Claire about the many personas he has had to be – Laird and brother and uncle and McDubh … “but here in the dark with you … I have no name”. This passage is so beautifully written ( massive cudos to DG) and is such a perfect description of what a true love relationship should be. That with her, he doesnt have to be anybody .. he can just be. I sincerely hope this is included in the series. It is a complete summation of their relationship and what we all hope to achieve in our own relationships.


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