The Hiatus So Far

It’s been a little over a week since we have seen a new episode of Outlander and we have a ton of weeks to go before it returns in April. So, how is your hiatus going? Are you having withdrawals? Experiencing the shakes? Aching for Outlander, the way you do for caffeine?


Well, it’s not been quite that bad but I do love the picture. Life as a barren wasteland? Slow your roll, this isn’t the Zombie apocalypse. I don’t know about anyone else but the past week has been entertaining as well as very busy.

We all have lives outside of the show, jobs, responsibilities that must be met and everyday life issues, as well as blogs Posts need to be planned or at least written, awesome contests details that need to be worked out and keeping up with any and all news concerning Outlander.


I never thought the word corn would ever be the hot topic ANYWHERE but alas, it is the talk of the town, errr I mean TWITTER. It’s the story that never ends, it just goes on and on my friends! I have seen countless memes and now *GASPS* Halloween costumes! Take a look over at Twitterville headquarters and you will see them all! Just in case, you are not very Twitter-savvy I got a couple ‘corn-poppin’ good ones for you ye ken?




I love having twitter conversations with Terry, she is super nice and sweet. I posted a picture of Paul Newman and his wife and that one was going strong for a while in the favorite/retweet department, as well as endless comments. After about the 10th or so comment/tweet, you get lost because more and more people join in, to the point where you forget who you were originally tweeting.

I posted a meme about Jamie still sitting on the window ledge six months later and HERSELF chimed in with a meme of her own. My email blew up with notifications from all the favorites/retweets and tweet backs I was getting. I turned off my email notifications for Twitter.

It is fun having these twitter sessions but I really just can’t keep up, especially after you have been logged off twitter for a considerable amount of hours. The conversation continued on without you (as to how these things go) and they have went off on a tangent you cannot possibly catch up on.


….Unless the space bar works in your favor, that is. This past week we learned how NOT to include a porn link in your twitter message to someone and hopefully, we will never have to suffer that embarrassment now. When typing any type of message on twitter that includes xxx (for kisses in case you are from another planet) make sure you leave sufficient enough space between the DOT (.) and the xxx or twitter sees it as a link! I am sorry Sam but this will probably also be the story that never ends and will go on and on my friend. Lamb Chop on the brain!

It was funny, especially since it almost happened again! He really is just being helpful in the ‘This is what NOT to do’ department. It’s just a public service he is performing. For that, we thank you Sam! I promise, I will let it go now. Wait, one last thing, my birthday is coming up later this month so if my friends send me a Birthday tweet of any kind please, ‘DON’T PULL A HEUGHAN’. Please send me X’S and O’s instead, I love getting the XOXO treatment.

Okay, letting go of that now. I promise I will never blog about it again!

So between the goings on at Twitter, our everyday lives, other TV shows, our other favorite past times, our blogs and for me HOCKEY season, I think we will be okay during this hiatus, don’t you? With that being said, I have a mom to look after, a contest post to finish editing and a Samhain Blog Party post to write.

It won’t be long before we see the second half of the 1st season and the long wait will make it that much more exciting!! I also think about the poor souls who did not yet have access to the show.

Until next time, DREAMERS! xoxo

About Nymerias

I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these2 two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Game of Thrones, Supernatural,Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander, Once Upon A Time, The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.
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5 Responses to The Hiatus So Far

  1. snarkland78 says:

    Ha! What a great post. I think you’ve summed up what’s going on perfectly. And please, people, space bars are our friends! (I think we need t-shirts).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. marenach says:

    Thank god for Hockey…it is the only way I’m going to make it through the hellatus to April.


  3. Susan says:

    I’m running into the same thing… I leave for 15 minutes and come back to 86 new tweets. And I don’t even have that many followers/following!! (not complaining, making an observation). Thank goodness I’m not busy at work, because I am not getting much done. I keep finding blogs/articles etc pertaining to Outlander (or not) that I need/want to read. sigh. Thank you for great writing; love to hear from like minded people.


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