The One Where We Saw Both Sides

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Well, it’s Sunday, the morning after the night before Outlander’s mid-season finale. Judging by my Twitter timeline and newsfeed on Facebook, some have a hangover of some sort! Did you lot have more than a couple wee drams of your favorite drink?

Well, as for me, I have a slight headache but a hangover is not the cause. I blame the damn weather we have in the Midwest when Autumn supposedly comes to town. I have a bit of a cold is all but I digress, you have come here to read about Outlander and so you shall. I am going to break this down pro/con style.


I know some did not care for the added Frank scenes but I loved every minute of it. While reading the book, I did have moments when I wondered what Frank was doing, thinking, and feeling. It brings a whole new dynamic to the show with bringing that missing piece of the puzzle to the forefront.

I loved the back and forth because it allowed for the viewers to see what was going on in both camps at the same time. Frank is actively searching for his wife, while she sits on top of a hill with her new husband, seemingly not thinking of her old life in 1945 at all. You see some glimpses of Blackjack in Frank and it is truly frightening. He takes to drinking and he almost gets duped regarding the whereabouts of the ‘highlander’ where he promptly beats the living daylights out of men wanting the reward money.Hello Blackjack!

Reverend Yoda, errrr…I mean Wakefield warns Frank not to join the dark side or lose himself, he will. Sorry, I could not resist going all Star Wars on you, it’s my go-to whenever someone says it!

I loved the correlation between Claire noticing that she was a stone’s throw away from Craigh Na Duhn and Frank actually being there in his time. The way it was done was beautiful, Frank and Claire both making their way to the stones at the same time. It was cinematically beautiful, the weaving back and forth between the two time periods and how you felt they could almost hear each other calling out for the other but……and there is always a but….


I am a book purist to an extent but that does not mean I need a line by line, scene by scene replica of the book. I wanted that to be known before I continue with my Con. I am missing some very vital things. While I loved the added Frank scenes, I don’t want this to be another show that has a ‘triangle’ because it has been overdone. Once Claire realizes that Jamie is her soul, the one she cannot live without, there is no Frank for her. I hope no one in the fandom takes to using the word and starting ‘team ‘ wars because it will be the quickest way to turn this woman off.

I always felt bad for Frank in the books and wanted her to find her way back, until Jamie came to be more into the picture. We are supposed to feel bad for Frank but not root for them after the wedding. Problem is, I did kind of root for it but then felt this immense pain for Jamie.

That brings me around to what I am missing, and that is the full Monty that is Jamie. NO, I don’t mean that full Monty, get yer heads outta the gutter, JHRC! I am just missing some of the key points that make up Jamie.I am loving this show and how it has been brought to life but Jamie has been short-changed a bit in some areas.

Remember that I said I don’t need word for word, or action for action but Jamie is the one who told her how to protect herself with the knife. When it is given to someone else, it lessons Jamie’s role in her life as well as his vows.

I am not mad about it but it is not showing us the progression of their relationship when it is pivotal to her being torn about returning to her own time. Lines that are pivotal to their progression and leading up to her feeling conflicted about leaving him might not mean as much if said after she was taken by the redcoats. I am certainly going to give Ron and company the benefit of the doubt because even when they stray, they always circle back around.

I keep asking myself, how would I feel about this show, had I not read the books and the answer is I would love it. As a reader though, I do miss some key things where Jamie is concerned.


Caitriona Balfe, Tobias Menzies and Sam Heughan, all I can say is wow! Everyone in this cast is beyond brilliant but these three shined in last night’s episode. Caitriona puts you in every moment of every scene and you find yourself captivated. Tobias, as both characters, can be very frightening and it chills you to the bone. Sam is so mesmerizing as Jamie, you can tell that he puts every ounce of his being into the role and he just understands Jamie. He was truly born to play this role and no one else could be Jamie, it belongs to him, he owns it.

Grant O’Rourke as Rupert is quite the storyteller as well as pure comic relief.

The scene at Fort William between BJR and Claire had me on the edge of my seat. Claire appeared to have the upper hand until she was caught in a lie and I became instantly afraid for her. You could feel and cut the tension with a knife. Speaking of knives, I did not like what he planned to do with that knife.

As a woman, I wanted to find the closest object and smash it on his head. You don’t mess with the GIRLS in that manner and you do not hike up a ladies dress like that either. Alas, she is helpless with no way to get out of the mess she’s found herself in, when her husband appears, perched on the windowsill, cocking a loaded gun! It’s JAMMF to the rescue, looking like a boss and boy is he ticked.

He never wanted to see Fort William ever again, poor lad!


BJR, being the sadistic bastard that he is, gives Jamiethe creepiest grin I have ever seen. He looks as if it’s his birthday and now that Jamie has arrived, he can really party hardy!


That’s where it the mid-season finale ends and now we have to wait until April 2015 to see what happens next. Here’s a hint…. #spankgate coming to a TV screen near you. We have plenty of posts planned during the hiatus, so you won’t lose your marbles! Until next time DREAMERS, I leave you with this meme!


About Nymerias

I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these2 two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Game of Thrones, Supernatural,Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander, Once Upon A Time, The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.
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7 Responses to The One Where We Saw Both Sides

  1. tiarabear says:

    Thanks for “both sides” of this episode. I do agree on all the points. I so wish we would have seen more for the growth of the relationship between Jamie and Claire. Knife training by Jamie was one. Even tho it differs from the book I would like to have seen her more conflicted about going back to Frank. But that’s just me. I would love to see the scenes or clips edited out for this episode.–more add on’s for the DVD box set we hope for?? This could have easily been a 2 hr episode. 🙂 It was interesting to see some of those BJR genes coming thru when Frank was in his fight too! Nicely written by Ron and you. If the show copied the book too close it would be too predictable. Nice to see the changeups!
    And hope you feel better by the end of your day. Or we all will by April 4th. Hopefully!


    • Nymerias says:

      Thank you for the compliment and the well wishes. I would not want it to be predictable so changes don’t bother me, unless key parts are removed. Overall, I am quite satisfied, just missing the parts of Jamie not being shown. Sam is brilliant though so it makes it easier. Tobias is wicked, he scares me and my GIRLS! Hope you join us here more often!


  2. Jamie Campbell says:

    Great review! I agree with you on all points. And I really missed the waterweed moment! I feel they packed a lot into an hour. Yes, a two hour episode would have better. But in all honesty, I say that about every episode. 🙂 I feel for Frank more than I ever did in the books. But not enough for me to see Claire back with him. As long as they keep Claire and Jamie together, I will be happy with any and all changes. And Tobias is simply brilliant! As Black Jack, he is frighteningly perfect!


    • Nymerias says:

      I miss a lot of things but as long as those two remain togerher, it will be all good. I guess I was just looking for them to focus on the progression more. Oh Tobias is amazing to scare me so!


  3. Loved your post. Overall I enjoyed the episode. Tobias is so good as Black Jack. It makes for compelling television. As a reader as well of course there are parts from the book that can’t be used, but like you, the knife scene would have been a great one to strengthen the bond between Claire and Jamie.


    • Nymerias says:

      It is needed too because while they got to know each other, the viewer did not get too know much about Jamie. I think this will all be resolved as to why she would pick Jamie over Frank. Maybe it was the writers master plan to have people wonder why she wouldn’t choose Frank. As I said in my post, in this series, there is no such thing as a triangle. I am beginning to not like the word. It is done too much in television.


  4. Cheryl Bell says:

    Enjoyed your post! Must say I agree with you 100%. I’ve enjoyed seeing some changes from the book but must admit that this episode left me feeling a bit let down because the relationship between Claire and Jamie is missing some key elements and I didn’t see the growth that is present at this point in the book. Although the Frank story had some interesting pieces for me if it came at the cost of losing some important building blocks in the Jamie and Claire relationship then for me that wasn’t worth it. That being said I think it’s a terrific production and the actors are beyond fabulous. I can only hope that these omissions are dealt with quickly in the second part of the season. Thanks


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