Clip from Episode 5: Rent

We’ve got a new clip from Epi 5, titled ‘Rent’.  I must say: our Sassenach’s got MOXY.  I love it!   I would do what she did if I wasn’t afraid of what those big burly Scotsmen would do to me!  Enjoy… and go Claire go!!  ( I happen to agree with her… and I understand them as well.  What a dilemma!!)


Screencaps in the gallery below from the promo:



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8 Responses to Clip from Episode 5: Rent

  1. trarecar says:

    What does he say at the end? “The goat goes with us”?


  2. Redhead says:

    Claire better be careful or she’ll lose what good graces she’s already earned with Dougal. I’m curious to find out if Claire is actually drunk in that scene, as Angus says. Maybe that would explain why she is making a scene in front of the whole village. Doesn’t seem like the best way to challenge Dougal over the goat payment–in public I mean. It shows what a good person she is though, trying to keep the goat with the child.

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  3. Nymerias says:

    I would think a lot of it is frustration on so many levels. Being a stranger in a time that is different to her, women were not treated as if they had no mind where err when she is from. She wants and needs to get away and cannot. Then you add in her growing attraction to Jamie, I feel for the lass.


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