Outlander Promo Episode 103 The Way Out

Starz posted the promo video for next week’s episode 103 titled “The Way Out”. The video may be found on the link here.

The episode synopsis states that :  Claire uses her medical skills to escape Castle Leoch, and with help from Jamie, tends to a sick child. Later, during the evening entertainment, Claire listens to a tale that offers her hope for freedom.
Original Air Date: Aug 23, 2014

Screencaps below are from the episode promo from Starz.

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3 Responses to Outlander Promo Episode 103 The Way Out

  1. trarecar says:

    So I guess the witch trial is going to happen before the marriage? I’m surprised. Claire’s confession to Jamie after the trials is one of the favorite scenes in the whole series. I wonder what the catalyst for telling him will be now?


  2. Snarkland says:

    Wow… the uproar about Mrs. Fitz’s reaction is quite extreme (I’m talking about on the internet in general). I prefer to watch what happens but, as DG herself approved whatever we see on the screen, I’m not really that worried. And DG seems very protective of her books, as she should be (unlike other authors, I’m not mentioning any names). And Claire, my girl, you are married; you shouldn’t be oogling hunky Highlanders. Leave that to us single women. **smirk**


  3. trarecar says:

    Do I have my timeframes mixed up? It’s been YEARS since I’ve read Outlander, so I could be confused.


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