Sam’s Live Twitter Chat


I imagine scheduling a live Twitter chat with an actor who is extremely busy filming a popular television show is not an easy thing to do. Needless to say, it did not go off without a hitch. Sam, or Sheugs as HERSELF call him was still on set and Twitterverse was informed that it would be rescheduled for another date and time. We fans ended up with a treat about an hour later when the Twitter chat was back on.

I feel a little weird calling him Sheugs as maybe that it is just a thing for HERSELF to say. It really fits him though, I have to say! I had asked two questions prior to the cancellation of the chat but I asked the same two again because they probably got lost in the cue. He answered one of mine and of course that made me happy. I get nervous asking questions so I did not ask anything really juicy like what he wears under his kilt. I wonder if he gets tired of that particular question.


I did not include every question he answered, instead I chose the pertinent ones related to Outlander as well as a few others. It took me a while as I am working from my Kindle.

Q: As an actor how do you prepare for scenes like Wentworth? Do you find them difficult?

A: We’ve just been rehearsing those scenes. We have a wonderful script and great director but it’s a good challenge.

Q: Do you think you’ve developed a deeper/richer appreciation for being Scottish because of your role in the series?

A: Yes, rediscovering Scotland has been important, and part of Jamie’s journey. It feeds the story in every way

Q: What is the optimal season to film in Scotland or do you guys film in all seasons?

A: We have 4 seasons in one day. Every day, sun, rain, cloudy etc. It’s a challenge but Scotland shines!

Q: How much time will you have off before filming Season 2?

A: We have season 2????? OH YEAHHH! We have SEASON 2 EVERYONE!

Q: How many times did you have to film that scene where you jumped off the horse in the first episode?

A: We maybe did 4/5 takes of that part of scene. No more than usual.

Q: What was your reaction when you heard Outlander will be renewed for another season?

A: We just found out! Officially. Off for a wee dram later with everyone!

Q: Will your Jamie be saying “Mmphm?” I have no idea what that sounds like.

A: Wait and see in the show…! #AskOutlander “AAAaaaach”

Q: How many hours in a day do you typically film?

A: Shooting hours are 12. Plus pre call of makeup and costume, could be anything extra from 1-4hours depending… Plus travel

Q: If there was a gag reel who would be featured the most among the cast?


Q: Did you read the books before filming?

A: Of course. Though only book one (several times) and companion books. Didn’t want to get to far ahead of ourselves.

Q: How long does it take to learn the Gaelic lines/how long until it feels natural? You all sound as if you have been speaking it all your lives.

A: A few sessions with Adam. He’s great and it’s an important part of show (and Jamie’s character)

Q: On the basis of your friendship with Tobias, how you dealt the scenes of the flogging?

A: I’ll get him back….

Q: How long does it take make up to make your back looked scarred?

A: 2 hours before getting dressed. And half hour after. It’s made in two pieces, three makeup personnel work on it at same time.

Q: Do you prefer location or set?

A: Location. It’s so great to go outside and the countryside gives the actor a lot to play with.. #midges

Q: It seems you enjoy the horses. Are you considering horseback riding as an off camera pursuit?

A: I love it. Go as much as I can when I’m not working. We have a stables near the studio. Sleepy stays there.

Q: If you, Sam, were in Jamie’s shoes would Ye have married Claire?

A: Hmmmm, I’d better say YES, or won’t hear the end of it!?

Q: Do you have a favorite tartan?

A:  My family is MacDonald.

Q: what is your favorite quote from episode 2 (or from any other episode you can think of spontaneously?

A:  I love the Gaelic. And…. Watch on Saturday, there are some fantastic moments!

Q: Are you continuing special training for your role? Sword play, horseback riding, weight training?

A: Yes. Yes. Yes. Plus drinking whisky, VERY important.

Q: How often do you have to dye your hair?

A: Each “Block” (2 eps)

Q: I usually listen to music while I work and write. Do you listen to any music to get into character?

A: Yes, quite  a lot, modern and traditional Scottish. Love@cuillinmusic Blackbird!

Q: What do you do to recharge your batteries? You seem to be working A LOT.

A: It’s been a hectic year. Nothing can prepare you. Coffee.

Q: What has been the funniest scene to film thus far?

A: The intimate scenes aren’t funny but are rather “strange/Surreal”…. Lots of people in the room!!!

Q: What is your natural hair color?

A: I’m soooooooo blonde. #BlondesHaveMoreFun

Q: Was that TWC commercial with guy added in later or is he really there?!

A: Really there. Poor guy. #SamCaitSandwich

Q: Which scene you played in the test to be Jaime?

A: Wedding night, pre spanking and one other… Tough scenes!

Q: Tell us an actor or actress you’d love to join season 2.

A: Billy Connely. The Big Yin.

Q: On your casting, did you meet some actors who are on the show too now ?

A: I read in on Graham’s audition.

Q: Any changes from the book? Ron Moore is good at keeping to the story…major changes that will make our jaws drop?

A: Hmmm, some surprises…!

Q: It looked like you had lost weight at Comic Con. Was that for filming the final episodes?

A: Possibly…

Q: Scared by fame?

A: Hmm, maybe losing anonymity..?

Q: Have your fans recognized you on the street yet (non-Outlander appearances)? How will you handle all those ladies?

A: Recently in NYC. So lovely!

Q: Jamie can’t sing. Can you?

A: Makes two of us.

Q: What luxury will you buy with your #Outlander wages?

A: I bought a car…! And a record player.

Q: What was your reaction for Outlander Season 2? I’m very happy for this!! Congrats!!!

A: Delighted! Thank you. We are all so happy!


Well there you have it DREAMERS! I think I am in need of a wee dram now!

UPDATE:Well THIS was a better way to post Sam’s liver Twitter chat!


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